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Brian: Bozo bit flipped
34 days ago

Tqi: Can we talk about how hard it is to get hold of the Brownface 350K/70K treble pots?
30 days ago

Tqi: Raw Purple Sprouting Broccoli is the most delicious part of spring.
24 days ago

dragonfly: Congrats bigtikidude on your first pier show. I sure miss doing them but happy ypu've continued the program. Great selection of bands for the year. Much love Linda xo
18 days ago

dragonfly: Congrats Brian for keeping sg101 going for all these years.Your friend Linda
18 days ago

bigtikidude: Thank you Linda, wish you could see them still
17 days ago

surfinjohnnyq: howdy kats .. I have not checked in in a while... still verbolishous !!
10 days ago

Brian: Thank you Linda, all the best to you.
6 days ago

Brian: Hello Johnny!
6 days ago

Tqi: Is it morally acceptable to use a Radial capacitor in a 1960 amp design?
5 days ago

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GWS week 14 April 18

Bullwinkle Pt II - The Centurions
Surfin' At Mazatland - TC
Body Surfin' - TC

Gump Worsley's Lament - Huevos Rancheros cc
Jezebel - HR cc
Ameican Sunset - HR cc

Bolsa Chica - The Phantom Operators
Thunderstone - TPO
Clay Wheels -TPO

Shiprex - Surfer Rex
Strange Salvage - SR
Sputnik - SR

The 3-B - The Sadies cc
The Times Change - TS cc
The Ship & Anchor - TS cc

T.J. Slough - The El Caminos
Jet Stream - TEC
Staccato - TEC

The Fireball - Satan's Pilgrims
Taki (Souvlaki) - SP
Laneda Drag - SP

Amber Waves - Frankie & the Pool Boys
A Man Called Dirt - F&tPB

background Rampage - The Revels
cc Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

Thanks for the plays!!

Very good, Rev!

Sunday, April 15, 1:00pm AST
This week we'll be spinning some of the bands performing at this year's SG101 Convention in Southern California in August. Tune in.

Home of Surf & Twang

GWS week 15 April 8 SG101 pt 1

Big Surf - The Sentinals
Exotic - TS
Intoxica - TS
Tuff Soul - TS

Go Go Martucci - Surfer Joe
Twistin' - SJ
Hang In There - SJ
Macaroni Pie - SJ

A Minha Menina - Tremolo Beer Gut
Capirinha River - TBG
Midtown - TBG
Las Vegas - TBG

Introduction -Les Agamemnonz
A Palavas Les Flots - LA
Yuyuyusu - LA
Brulure Indienne - LA

Monkey Pod - Frankie & the Pool Boys
Organic Matters - F&tPB
Tic Toc - F&tPB
The Golden State- F&tPB

Moguls - Urban Surf Kings cc
Double Black Diamond - USK cc
Apres Ski - USK cc

background music - Roho - The Moby Dicks (featuring Big Tiki Dude)
cc Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

Very good!

On the air now - kicking off the show with The Pyronauts.


Home of Surf & Twang

Listening. Smile

GWS week 16 April 22

Pie - The Pyschonauts
Fire - TP
Water - TP

Across the Ruins - The Madeira
Fire Sacrifice - TM
Giant - TM

Land O' Lakes - The Trashmen with Deke Dickerson
Brewski - TTwDD
Good News - TTwDD

Odalisque - Impala
What Do Astronauts Drink - I
Taos Pueblo - I

Ain't Gonna Crash - Mark Malibu & the Wasasgas cc
Wasaga Showdown - MM&tW cc
Pet Cemetary - MM&tW cc

Phantom 101 - Atomic 7 cc
Seven Stranded Castanets - A7 cc
Theme From Atomic 7 - A7 cc

Mr Antonis - The Dead Rocks
Baile na Matriz - TDR
Surf Explosion - TDR

background - Wade in the Water - Squid Vicious
cc - Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

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