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bigtikidude: 2018 SG101 convention,
202 days ago

bigtikidude: Who's coming ?
202 days ago

bigtikidude: https://surf...
202 days ago

Clint: I started a YouTube channel: “Surf Music Videos”. https://www.... Hit me up with your favorite “surf” videos and I add them to the list. Thanks!
201 days ago

Tqi: Synchro, I managed to squeeze the Axial's in. Still working on how to lay them out next to the pots though.
190 days ago

dragonfly: Being homebound I just downloaded SG101 2014 music and loving it. Hooray for downloads. Thanks to everyone responsible. HBISM retired coordinator 2014 Cool
120 days ago

dragonfly: Thanks whoever posted photo of the day with Dean Dick and yours truly. What an awesome day that was. Love to all the surf community!
118 days ago

DannySnyder: People often say "icy" is the easiest word to spell and looking at it now, I see why.
64 days ago

49 days ago

Emilien03: https://www....
49 days ago

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Brian wrote:

I want to thank Rob_J for providing a tweak to the banner logo. It looks very nice. Thank you!

Hope to see some more member compilation entries in January!

Happy New Year!

I thought something looked different when I logged in.
I don't know what was done, but whatever it is, it did cause me to stop and take a good look at it.
Happy New Year SG 101 !

Everyone, I'm even more behind than normal on publishing news stories and calendar events... Sorry and I think I'll be able to focus more on the site in the coming weeks. Thanks for the patience.

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Hello everyone,

I'm out on vacation and I'm way behind on publishing some news stories and I'm also going to set up a Green Cookie Records Satan's Pilgrims giveaway when I get a chance.

Also is there any interest in a 2018 members' MP3 compilation?

Sorry and please bear with me.... (feels bad man)

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Yes on the 2018 SG101 comp!

Yea, I love them!

Last edited: Oct 30, 2018 22:39:35

I'll triple the motion for a '18 comp

Can I have everything louder than everything else!

Maybe post this in the general discussion room for more responses.

I'm interested in a comp also.

Yes on the compilation.

The Insanitizers!

I gotta feevah, and the only prescription is more compilation.

2018 Compilation would be fantastic! Count me in!

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