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Permalink Instrumental guitar oldies from Eastern Europe.

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I found some more obscure Polish 1960s guitar instrumentals. Hurrah! Jazda!
These are by a band called Beani, from a very small town near Lublin. I think they were just kids playing together at a Dom Kultury ("Culture House"). I don't think they actually released any records during their existence (1967-1971) but a track of theirs was included on a Polish Beat compilation CD:
Anyway, I liked Beani's instrumentals, and the first one is kind of topical as it means "The Leaves are Falling Again". Unless you are based in the southern hemisphere. Apparently it is a cover of a crooner song from 1958. I thought it seemed rather an accomplished composition for a bunch of teenagers.

Also, if you can pronounce the title of the CD you officially speak good Polish.

I haven't see any reference to them here before, so maybe it is a SG101 debut Smile

After listing the band members, the text with the video credits their music teacher, which I think is a nice respectful touch.

Incidentally, a "Beanie"/"Beany" used to be one of my favourite items from the local Fish & Chip shop as a boy (in north-eastern England). Somehow a fistful of baked beans was encased in sausage meat (mince) and then battered. They are quite a rarity these days, and people from other parts of England will often not believe me that they exist. I think I would rather have a nice haddock these days, but I'd love to eat a beanie again.

I hope that one day I will eat a Beany, while wearing a Beanie (hat) and listening to Beani. Possibly while reading The Beano.

Pięciolinie are another Polish band with some nice instrumentals, who were actually fairly popular in the 1960s in Poland. One of their members was in Niebiesko Czarne (The Blue Blacks, whose name is mistranslated on Planetary Pebbles Volume 1 as the Black and Whites). Their members went on to become a famous group called Czerwone Gitary.
The last video starts of with an MC introducing the band, as a group playing "Muzyka Surf-owa". So it seems the term surf music wasn't unknown in Poland in the 60s.

Last edited: Nov 20, 2023 08:43:49

Nice one Steve. A big Polish instrumental favourite of mine are the band Taifuny.

My band, Gene Pool and The Shallows, play the second tune Ej ta Druga which is based on a Polish jazz song that was turned into a mournful vocal (also added for comparison). We do like the feel of it. I play the melody on a clean "Dance On" echo setting, and our usual lead growls along behind it.

As regard to the vocal bands you mentioned I have both Niebiesko Czarne and Czerwony Gitary's first albums. Donated by my wife's mother.

Last edited: Nov 24, 2023 10:19:27

Glad you liked them. I wish there wer more Kon-tiki recordings - they look like they had style.

Tajfuny were probably the most prolific of the Polish sixties bands in terms of instrumentals. It would be nice to find some on vinyl.

While most of these Polish instrumentals are maybe more European in style (or Shadows-like), that track Bociany sounds pretty surf-y. I could almost imagine hearing it on a Lost Legends compilation.
Ej ta Droga is a good choice for a cover, it trots along nicely.

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