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Permalink 2012, Surf Guitar 101 Convention #5, Sat. Aug. 11th. reviews start on pg 14, pics n vids on pg 15, lots of pics by Tuck on page 20

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Wow, amazing job everyone!!! Jeff, you da man!image

Bill S._______

HELLDIVER on Facebook

Thanks for the overwhelming response already!
For all you Facebook users, here is the official event invitation:
5th Annual Surf Guitar 101 Convention
Please RSVP and add your friends. I made the event public for sharing.
Thank you!

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

Thanks for all the responses,
I want to again, thank Jonpaul and Kristena for all their hard work,
as I am a total goob, and don't know squat about computer stuff.

Thanks again to all of the sponsors, they are helping to make this happen,
and helping to step it up towards a more professional event.

also The Starting Gate for letting us do the event there.
It may not be the Anaheim convention center, but its a big room, and free.
So please EAT,DRINK, and Be Merry there, and support the VENUE by buying food and drink there, and tipping your waitresses.

And to Quilter Amplifiers, Meaning Matt Quilter,providing his Showmans for us, and for Patt Quilter for providing the PA.

Please spread the word about this show.
I really want to sell out this year.
meaning that we can move the show to Normal hours the year after.
Like 2 pm to midnite.
and also If we sell out, I can feel really good, and pay the bands,
many of them coming from very far away, (some decent money).


Oh I almost forgot,
Thanks to Crispy of the Instro Summit for the hook up on the connection to
Vintage Guitar Magazine.

and I almost forgot,
thanks to Jonpaul in advance for the work on the
SG101 convention website. Shock

and to Kristena for running the Facebook for the event.

please share the info for this event to anyone you might know,
that would want to know,
via facebook, email, text, twitter.

Thanks, and I can't to see a lot of you again in Aug.


Man! What an event (and full weekend). Worship everyone involved.

Had an absolute blast my first time out last year. Here's to being able to make another in 2012! (where's that fingers crossed emoticon?)


El Mirage @ ReverbNation

I know that I didn't get to meet, and talk to you until sunday evening jam session at Dons, but it was great that you came out here for the show,
and I am glad you had such a great time.
Hoping you can again this year.


I got the flyers last night from Jason at Kustom Deluxe Printing. they look great!
I will have them with me at every surf show I go to, so if you want 1,
or some to pass around let me know. I had 5000 printed,
so there is plenty.
If any of the bands want some, contact me at
and gimme yer mailing address, and how many you want/need, and I will send them out saturday or next monday.



Last edited: Apr 03, 2012 20:33:24

yippieh yeah

tickets booked, car fixed
the delegation from Italy and Germany is on the way Very Happy


Wow,cool! I am honored that you are attending.
please introduce yourself when you come to the show.


For those that may be coming from afar,
I will be looking into getting a discount rate at the Dons turf motel,
down the street from the starting gate.
need to remember to go over there and talk to them.


bigtikidude wrote:

For those that may be coming from afar,
I will be looking into getting a discount rate at the Dons turf motel,
down the street from the starting gate.
need to remember to go over there and talk to them.

Please keep us posted on this! I found it a great place to stay, and am planning to go there again this year.

Thanks, Jeff!

mom_surfing wrote:

i'm planning on staying at don's again also

Here's some YouTube samples of the featured bands:

Los Venturas -
Jon and the Nightriders -
The Exotics -
The Intoxicators -
The Dynotones -
The Madeira -
El Ray -
9th Wave -

It's getting closer!


What's Don's (the motel) like? I've usually stayed at a Super 8 in Wesminster just north of the intersection of Beach Boulevard & the 405. It has worked out to be a compromise between Huntington Beach and points further north, especially since Jeff hooked up with the Starting Gate. It's a few miles up Beach from HB and a few miles down it from Katella. It's a pull to the Purple Orchid, or Suzy's, but decent for Long Beach, Seal Beach, etc. And it's good price compared with the super nice beachfront places in Huntington Beach, which is how I picked it to start with. However, it's not that interesting an area and I'm the only one there from the convention, so I'd be open for a change. It'd be nice not to have one of those fortified front desks. (The area really doesn't seem to warrent it, but you wonder!) Don's would be further from HB, but not much, and about the same or closer to everything else.

it's a mid century motel, I haven't seen the inside of the rooms,
but some SG101 attendees from the past have stayed there and said its more
than fine.
and considering that its within walking distance from the starting gate,
that means that you don't have to fight for parking at the big Sat. show.
And there is so much going on the whole weekend, you will mostly be only sleeping there so it doesn't need to be a Hilton hotel.


tuck, don's is nice. i stayed there last year intend to do so this year also. it's a pretty easy drive to huntington beach from there also.

Don's gets really great reviews on trip advisor.

Atomic Mosquitos
Bug music for bug people is here!
Killers from Space


Radio Free Bakersfield--60 Minutes of TWANG, CRUNCH, OOMPH.

I left a big stack of flyers at the Dons turf motel,
and they called and said that they are all gone, and need more.


A friend of Jonpaul and I, who lives in Australia
just sent me a e-mail saying he and his wife are planning on
flying to So. Cal. to come to Tiki Oasis and SG101 convention.

Love it when people go Hard Core like that!



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