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Dave Wronski will be playing mellow versions of Slacktone songs, with his friend Steve Between bands early in the afternoon, into the evening.


I thought he wasn't going to play! Should I change the invitation I put out on My Space?


"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

If you want,
i've gone thru so many changes on the schedulle, and flyer I am really kinda burnt on the whole thing, just want it to happen already.



If you want,
i've gone thru so many changes on the schedulle, and flyer I am really kinda burnt on the whole thing, just want it to happen already.


HA! I know what you mean. What time is he playing?


"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

Dave Wronski is playing at the Marty Party
between all the other band while they switch equipment.
He and Steve, the guy that fils in for Sam, will be on the floor, playing
Mellow songs. and he might sit in with the Detonaotrs, then leave for another comittment he has.

Dont worry about adding it to your Myspace.
but thanks,


It's a shame I have to work on Saturday. Looks like a fun time! The venue is just down the street... perhaps I'll stop by on my lunch break.

Cool deal Spicoli. if you do stop by say hi.
that is if I don't already know you,
Im assuming your not really spicoli.
but that would be cool if Mr. Hand let you outta detention to go to some surf shows.

Rapa Nui man Thumbs Up


Probably the last bump for this people,
Hope to see alot of you there.



I got there about 7... Initial impressions upon walking in... Its like the surf musicians hall of fame. I'll let some of the other reviewers list who was in attendance.

The Detonators were blowing the place up. Jim Frias, an original first wave guy of the Nocturnes was on sax. Dave Wronski joined them for Miserlou. Who could follow that?

The Surf Kings did & delivered. Their energy was amazing.

Outerwave followed that with what was best described at the "best of the best of Lost Legends of the Surf Guitar." Even the other bands complimented their authentic 60's sound & performance.

The Eliminator delivered a very polished set. These guys can really play. & have a great reverence for the history of surf music.


The Detonators, "A Few Waves More."

The Surf Kings "Depth Charge!"

Outerwave, Rippin' & drippin'


The Eliminators "Dr. Jellyfinger"

Last edited: Jan 14, 2007 16:05:23

Happy Birthday Marty!

Thanks for the pics!!!! What an awesome birthday party that must have been! Did you manage to keep it a secret and what was his reaction?

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

all too cool, pics and reviews please ... (and i hope someone added a T before he arrived.... Wink )

Rules to live by #314:
"When in Italy, if the menu says something's grilled, don't assume it is."

Thanks again to Jeff BTD and TikiTena for putting this together and inviting us to play. Real quality show, maybe the best I have ever been involved with. The diversity of surf in SoCal showed real well. This is no one dimentional genre. Good choice to let the drummers bring in their own kits. The personalities of the bands kinda showed with the kind of kits and the markings on the bass drum heads. Great evening for SoCal surf fans.

What an awesome birthday party that must have been! Did you manage to keep it a secret and what was his reaction?

Dave Wronski burst into Miserlou when Marty entered the room. Really cool! Marty was surprised. I don't know how it was kept a secret, I knew about it since around Xmas.

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Ok gang,
here goes. I just got home recently after spending a cold night in Billy (of the Detonators) Motor Home. No we didn't spoon to stay warm, he was in the back room, and I was on the couch in the front area.
I was wiped out tired from the whole day. and thought It would be wise to crash there, instead of falling asleep on the freeway and crashing half way home. Wink
First off ,I and Marty just want to THANK EVERYBODY involved.
The Bands, Kristena for the Killer Cakes, Billy, for helping with Suzy's and all their little problems,all the people that showed up Early to help set up for the show. And all the friends and fans that came for Marty's B-day and the show.
Over all the Day was just Amazing. I got up at 8 am after going to bed at 2:30, getting in late from Helping Kristena with the cakes(Thanks again!!) so I started Sat morn off kinda tired. had a bunch of stuff to do around the house, and pick up Marty for Breakfast ( I told him I was treating him for his B-day). After he said he needed to get home soon, as he had to clean his house for next weekends b-day party, his wife and parents are throwin for him. I said ok, but I wanted to do a small cruise first. we went down PCH past where Go-Boy records used to be, and shared a moment lamenting a cool store we had spent many thousands of dollers on surf at. The we cruised around Palos Verdes pennisula for a nice breezy cold, but Beautiful day, stopped at a few coves to see the ocean, and feel the Joy of living in Great So. Cal. After that I told him I wanted to stop by a small record store by Suzy's that had some cool vinyl I heard. As I got to the area I turned right instead of left. And told him I was gonna turn around in the Suzy's parking lot, as we pulled up on the street in front of Suzy's I said "Hey man, read the Marquee"
It said "Happy 50th B-day Baja Marty". He said "you son of a bitch",
"what did you do" Big grins and "you just wait" is what I did in response.
As we walked towards the door he realized that some of the people we knew, had their cars there. So I walked in 1st as I wanted to see the reaction on his face. Then Everybody was standing, and as he came in, everyone yelled Happy B-day Marty, as did Dave Wronski, and he started in to Miserlou( one of Marty's Fav songs.) Dave's friend Steve was sitting in on bass, and John Blair and Marty Tippens joined in with them on it too. with their acoustic guitars. Marty was just awestruck. He looked like a deer in the headlights or like he had seen a ghost.
AS it sunk in, he walked around and said hi to everyone there, about 40 or 50 at 3 pm. and he saw the cakes, and Looked at me and got all choked up, he almost broke down, but he held it in. Gotta give him props
for that as Marty is a big softie at heart.
So The Line up went basically like the last flyer said it would, except for a small girl fromTexas that had to do a short country set at 6 pm.
Booking error.( man it was gawd afull, but at least she was easy on the eyes, not country really but Pop songs done to folky guitar).
And Dave Wronski and Steve played slightly mellower versions of Slacktone songs, while the bands did their stage set up, and break down.
All the bands were just great, killer, amazing,and I thank them all a hundred times more, for doing this for Marty, me, and the crowd.
I could go into detail for each band, but Im just still in a blur over the whole thing.
Marty kept coming up to me, saying, "man you really got me good".
and that he "had no Idea about any of it". I was betting heavy on the fact that he hadn't been on his new computer in a few months. and he hadn't. The Turn out was very good, the hard core fans were there, a few old faces form the 80's and 90's that Marty, used to see alot.
and some outta towners. from San Diego,( Ran, Hans, Hans' girlfriend, Clint Beachwood, and His wife Sue, and a new surf fan Mark) some from Ventura area, sorry dude forgot your name, again...
Duke from Fresno. Matt Kora wanted to be there, but had to goto a Funeral for a long time friend. Some mid west ("guys")ha ha thats a joke.
and I'm sure I'm forgettign some, sorry.
The show started at about 3 pm, and went till about 12:30 in the morning. The crowd stayed pretty full for most of it. I wish everyone could have been there, all day and all night. But I realize that not all are crazy hardcore like some of us. and have other comitments, or attention spans.

I would like more people to post revies and post as many pictures as possible so Marty can see it, or even print them out.

Thanks again to everyone involved, you are all the Best around.
And I wish that all the surf fans around the world that wanted to be there, could be.



Last edited: Jan 15, 2007 00:14:46

Very nice BTD! You da man!

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Thanks Brian,
appreciate that.
wish you could have been here,
It was a rippin drippin trad fest.



Happy birthday Marty from Kyle & Marie and The Vertbones

The Verbtones @ Instagram
The Verbtones @ Facebook
The Verbtones @ ReverbNation
The Verbtones @ bandcamp

BTD..way to go.

I was there from 4-11pm, and it was cool to see Marty almost in trance, in disbelief. The ritual of the evening was someone on stage between songs calling out: Happy Birthday Marty!! He's out there somewhere.......Where's Marty??? And Marty, always sitting at the same table, repeatedly raising his arm to salute the call from stage. That was usually followed by "Miserlou", his fav. tune. I heard at least three or four versions of Miserlou that evening all dediated to Marty...all excellent.

What was amazing was seeing a community comming together, stradling a couple of generations with people from many different walks of life.

For those of us who also love playing this music, it was a freeking graduate course in surf music and surf musicianship, all coalesced around Baja Marty, someone who is always out there to support the music we love.

Again, way to go!

Well we arrived just after 2 Pm to help Jeff's mom with some decoractions but there were already a number of people there helping so it went quickly. His mom put me in charge of getting autographs from all the band members on the flyer, Kristena so painstakingly made. Turns out everyone in the place wanted to sign it as well so I let them do so.
The party started with an extremely rare performance with John Blair & Marty Tippens on acoustics backing up Dave Wronski & his buddy Steve
on Miserlou. Incredible! If that didn't knock your socks off the performance by John & Marty on the acoustic certainly did. The Boardwalkers, the Detonators with guest sax player Jim Frias, Outer Wave, The Surf Kings & the Eliminators just blew our minds. Kristena's cake was super delicious and really looked like and Fender amp that Leo would've been proud of. Most fo the night Suzy's was filled to capacity enjoying THE MOST BITCHIN BIRTHDAY PARTY I'VE EVER BEEN TO!
Forgive me if I failed to mention anyone but it wa such a whirlwind night it was hard to remember all that transpired. BTD did such an outstanding job I feared he'd Very Happy want to take over my job organizing the bands at the museum but he assured me that would never happen...Whew, had me worried there for a bit. Marty was speechless and that is a first for him. Happy Birthday Marty and much love to all for helping BTD pull this off so beautifully.

I'm a lover not a fighter, a hugger not a handshaker and I take friendships very seriously...Love the life you live, live the life you love. Cool

Thanks for all the compliments Linda, and Flowmaster G,
and Kyle I wil tell Marty you wished him a Happy B-day.
Or you could call him, as his real B-day is actually next weekend Wink
I'm sure he'd be stoked to hear from you.



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