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Surfer Joe's Diner Opening Soon

As announced at the SG101 Convention this summer, Surfer Joe will open a bar & diner in Livorno, Italy, dedicated to surf music and fun. The location is on the sea, Terrazza Mascagni for those of you who had the opportunity to come to Livorno before and have visited the town. We have been working extremely hard for more than 6 months to get this location that we consider very cool and unique.

The opening will be on December 2011, we still have to define the date based on the works to do and the planning. Every saturday we will have surf bands from all over and on other days (1 or 2 per week) more music into the beat, garage, rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, blues genres.

We really believe into this project which is taking us lots of money and devotion, but we are sure to do a good thing!

The internal stage will be decent size (approx 20 ft.) and will be provided of complete backline (including a Hammond Organ) in collaboration with Fender, SWR & Mackie. This will help all touring bands and make it easy and cheaper to come down to the club. Surfer Joe's booking job will be increased in order to be able to organize complete tours for foreign bands and support the shows at the Surfer Joe's diner.

For the moment we cannot say much more. The next Summer Festival on June will be at the diner as the stage can be placed directly on Terrazza Mascagni, a fantastic location that can keep up thousands of people... all restaurants and bars services will come from the diner itself and the exhibition area will be on the second floor of the building, overlooking the sea.

Hope to see you soon!


This story has 13 comments.


Lorenzo took us to the site when The John Blair Band toured Italy in June. It's insanely cool...not only does it have a lot of floor space, you can toss a frisbee into the Mediteranean from the place. Lots of room for parking and it's adjacent to the Livorno Aquarium. Lorenzo's going to make some waves with this (sorry) venture. I can't wait to play there! Much success Surfer Joe!


John | 10-Oct-2011 20:07:31 | Flag

As soon as you determine an opening date Lorenzo, let me know. Perhaps I can swing out there to help you celebrate thw opening of their cool place!


UnsteadyFreddie | 11-Oct-2011 12:11:47 | Flag

This is amazing news,
good luck, and congratulations Lorenzo.


bigtikidude | 11-Oct-2011 13:45:47 | Flag

these are great news !
We were near Livorno for vacation about two weeks ago.
that would have been a nice excursion.

we'll come back next year.


HelveTiki | 12-Oct-2011 02:20:04 | Flag

Wow! I am continually impressed with Lorenzo's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to surf music.

Brian | 12-Oct-2011 13:02:20 | Flag

This is a fantastic idea, Lorenzo!

eltwang | 14-Oct-2011 15:56:51 | Flag

Best of luck Lorenzo. We're all behind you!

DannySnyder | 16-Oct-2011 02:38:50 | Flag

Should I ever find myself in Italy, I'll make sure to stop by

ElMonstroPorFavor | 18-Oct-2011 09:05:08 | Flag

What's on the food and drink menu?

norcalhodad | 18-Oct-2011 16:41:55 | Flag

This sounds fantastic! Good luck with it Lorenzo - hope to be there next year...

da-ron | 23-Oct-2011 17:00:56 | Flag

wiii! need to start saving!

Emilien03 | 26-Oct-2011 21:20:26 | Flag

Works are hard my friends and, like anytime you are starting a new business from scratch, building walls and so on, we have difficulties and delays. We should not delay much and I am still confident in December, but there could be a legal prob that will delay us until February. It's ok, all calculated Smile

I will be starting again very soon with the booking, I have plans already for the Summer Festival 2012.

For the moment WWW.SURFERJOEMUSIC.COM is in a temporary status, waiting to open the renewed site in December.

surferjoemusic | 01-Nov-2011 06:37:38 | Flag

Will come to your restaurant next year
Hope you get all the success you deserve
Les Chefs)

TOMAREVERB | 09-Nov-2011 12:16:51 | Flag

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