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Update on Jimmy Dale from Dick Dale

(I received this from Dick Dale via email)

thank you all for your caring on jimmy dale's healing and recovery...we feel it

After performing two explosive concerts with his dad dick dale, one being a lifetime achievement award from so cal music awards at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, Ca.

Then the following weekend with bow wow at The Henry Fonda theater in Hollywood, Ca.

then the next day, Jimmy ripping on the drums with the pros at The Guitar Center in Hollywood and then playing dueling guitars with his dad in the guitar room only to be struck down from a freak accident while riding the desert with his friend out at the dry lake bed in joshua tree.

his friend shot out in front of him kicking dirt up in his face and they were both at a high rate of speed and before jimmy could shut down he hit a large rock and was thrown from his 250 dirt bike landing directly on his elbow breaking it into 3 pieces and shattering and driving the bones of the elbow 6 inches up into his arm.

jimmy's arm was stitched up at the High Desert Hospital in Joshua Tree, Ca. and after viewing the xrays the decision was immediately made to rush jimmy to Loma Linda Hospital in Loma Linda, Ca..

the surgeons reviewed the xrays and were negative in the outcome. they thought jimmy would lose the use of three of his fingers from nerve damage and that jimmy would have to battle a bone disease for the rest of his life from the dirt driven up into the bone.

After a day of surgery from the greatest surgeons to be, their talent produced the outcome that they feel that jimmy would make a full recovery in time, but would have to live with a steel plate in his elbow along with two large steel rods traveling inside his arm. jimmy is moving his fingers at this time...

he is now walking around with a robotic arm cast and freaking out people when they see him.

we are praying for his complete healing and that jimmy will be able to play his guitar and his drums with his dad dd, stronger than ever....

The Moral of this story...... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - ''YOU YOUNG RIDERS'' out there...... if you think you are invincible ....

please take a lesson from Jimmy...... PROTECT YOUR ELBOWS and everything else on your body when you ride...... DICK DALE

This story has 2 comments.


thanks for the update, brian. let's all keep up the prayers for Jimmy's full recovery.

dp | 25-Mar-2006 22:19:59 | Flag

Yikes! It's always scary when your kids get hurt...all the best to Jimmy and the Dale family.

Brian | 26-Mar-2006 17:34:08 | Flag

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