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New Topic: Tablature

I thought I would create a new topic called Tablature, where, well, people can post tablature! These tablature "stories" will be archived on the site. The advantage of publishing tablature as stories as opposed to just making text files available for download is that people can leave comments on them. Thus, we can get a little peer review action going.

The current difficulty with posting tablature as a story is we need a way to display the tablature in a non-proportional font so all the staff lines line up correctly. The current javascript editor I have installed doesn't let you do that, yet. I will look into configuring it to do so. The other option is that I throw away that javascript editor (as it doesn't like the Mac Safari browser anyway), but that would force people submitting tab to pick up a little HTML. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, so leave a comment below.

Until we get this editor business sorted out, if you would like to submit a tab that you have created, just email it to me and I'll format and post it for you.

This story has 7 comments.


One obvious thing I forgot to mention. How do you print these out and/or save them? If you click on the Read More... link you will see the tab in it's entirety. There will then be an options box with a Printer Friendly link. You can then print out or save the resulting HTML file.

Brian | 19-Mar-2006 17:37:49 | Flag

I hope this topic gets some traffic.  Can we make requests??

buster | 19-Mar-2006 19:28:51 | Flag

Hi Buster,

Brian | 19-Mar-2006 19:32:44 | Flag

I think we should continue the tab, but I think putting it in the stories archive seems a bit awkward if you're looking for something specific.  Unless their will be folder (non-month-to-month) it may end up being lost in the endless forum posts.

ehutch | 24-Mar-2006 13:31:37 | Flag

Not quite sure what you mean about getting lost in forum posts.

Brian | 25-Mar-2006 14:28:27 | Flag

I've gotten rid of the Javascript editor and added some support for tablature in the Submit News function. You place your tab in the Extended Text box, and make sure the Formatting option drop down menu is set to Tablature. That will ensure the correct HTML tags get added to the text to make it display properly when you hit Preview/Submit.

Brian | 04-Apr-2006 23:05:56 | Flag

Looking for a starting guide to show static triads for bridges and backup lead basics. right now I use existing song books and look for bridges and leads that might have the basics fingering. appreciate any response

surfermattg | 24-Apr-2006 16:30:33 | Flag

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