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The Krontjong Devils: "Sizzling Sampan & Other Favorites!" EP

The Krontjong Devils: "Sizzling Sampan & Other Favorites!" EP
Double Crown Records, 1999 (DC4509) (

I was absolutely floored with this Krotjong Devils EP; these devils truly tear it up!

The Krontjong Devils are: Kees de Vries on guitar and organ, Hendrik Jan Horst also on guitar and organ, Gerhard Rinsma on bass, and Nico Plantenga on drums. These Devils hail from Groningen, Holland. The tunes for "Sizzling Sampan" were recorded in 1999, and released by Double Crown on gold vinyl.

The EP begins with "Sizzling Sampan", a tune that definitely lives up to its title. This tune is a spicy plate of pad thai served up in floating restaurant. High-energy guitar lines, driving drums, who could ask for anything more?
"The Rafter" is the next high energy offering. A classic surf tune: pure drive and energy all wrapped up in reverb and tremolo.

On "Land Beyond the Moon", the KD stretch out a little with some Dick Dale inspired trrrrrem-picking...and a minimalist-style vocal harmony: "The land beyond the moon, I'm on my way to you, Time is coming soon, That we will go to moon." This is one of the very very few surf tunes I've heard where vocals are absolutely appropriate.

The final cut on the EP, "K-2" is my favorite. Beautifully haunting Fender guitar is intertwined with relentless drumming and bassline all topped off with a melodic organ line and bizzare proto-synth space sounds...truly a masterpiece of traditional-styled surf experimentation. It's almost as if the guys in The Krontjong Devils stepped into a time machine and ended up in Raymond Scott's protosynth lab way back in 1964. I don't know how they did it, but the tune works for me in a HUGE way!

Double Crown was kind enough to include a CD-R version of the EP along with the gold vinyl disc, how cool is that? If you'd like a healthy dose of the reverberated surf, be sure to check out this fine Krontjong Devils release before it's sold out forever.

You can visit the Krontjong Devils at their website, even though it doesn't look like it's been updated in about five years:

You can find Double Crown Records at :

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Yeah what he said, ha ha, I agree whole heartedly, I had some other stuff they had done 7 in and cd. but this ep totally floored me.


bigtikidude | 24-Jul-2006 12:17:14 | Flag

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