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Permalink The Official Satan's Pilgrims / Nebulas March 2006 Thread

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a group picture or at least a group hug with all the sg101ers at the asbury lanes? Very Happy

There should be lots of pics at the Lanes. We just need a good "wrangler".
Also, sorry about the "DJ" at Doug Fir-I don't know why, but that didn't happen the way it was supposed to. The guy who sent out the flyers was there, but I just saw him drinking and not doing any spinning-also, the flyer at the club said something else entirely, so we may have fallen victim to some DJ/club politics. Again, my apologies, but I was busy with more prescient matters. Rolling Eyes
I can't say much for the "cheesedicks" but aren't they at every show?

Just me, checking in.....

I got some very good pictures, but I'm waiting on permission before posting them, I don't wanna step on any toes, you understand. Smile

unlunf, no problem from our camp. post away (just photoshop some of my chins, ok?)

Oh yes, this excerpt from Uncle Al's review of the Nebulas' set has to be the SG101 QUOTE OF THE YEAR:

Very powerful, very melodic, tight as a thong, and twice as tasty.

Thanks unlunf. I can still taste it now. Good to meet you.

hey I just got home, so I'm still a little foggy, but I can only concur with what has already been said - what a great time we had, both as performers and Pilgrims fans. The Pilgrims were great hosts, as were the 'Verb in Seattle. It was really great to see all of the travellers at the shows - Ferenc, Lava Rats, Tina, Unlf, Ran, doug from Reno, Sean from Double Crown & Dick "money in his pants" Messick (the last two for helping us out with merch sales at Seatle and Portland, respectively). I think the 'Verb sounded really good and full sounding - congrats on adding that fifth member/utility player for 3rd guitar/farfisa songs - that really adds alot. Pilgrims were great as usual - played a few songs they did not do last year & did a couple of Chimps-esque vocal numbers at the end of the Portland set - Little Latin Lupe Lu among others, but by that point the PBR had taken a firm hold and with no more performance obligations on my part, all bets were off. The staff at both venues treated us great and would love to come back and play at either place again. Just a correction to Ferenc's post - we specifically did not play any Pilgrims material in Seattle (either original or a cover they've recorded), however, we did play Ichabob Crane in Portland at Dave's request - ironically using their guitar to do it. Thanks again for the Pilgrims for setting everything up and letting us beat on their gear - you can have at our stuff on Saturday in NJ - we may even scrounge up a Farfisa for you.

a few addendums - when I say PBR had taken hold by the end of the SP set, I meant taken a hold on me, so I couldn't rattle off any more song titles. Also, I'm a technical novice (yes, I have a film camera dammit, so I don't really get the whole avatar thing, but I've had a few people try and explain it. And yes, if anyone has pictures, I would love to see them as well - no proprietary objections from the Nebulas camp. As for NJ, there are usually a couple of good photogs running around at that place so there should be some good pics coming out of that gig. To Jeff, i did see someone shooting video during the Pilgrims set in Portland so hopefully that will see the light of day in the future - I'd certainly buy it!!

It was an awesome show and it was great meeting members of the bands (many for the first time) and Ferenc, Ran, Dick, Eric, Unflunf and the rest. I worked the merch table for the night, but had a fairly decent view of the stage, and of course the music was amazing from start to finish. Thought The Verb were a little ballsy for starting with Miserlou, but they added the original trumpet part, which gave me goosebumps (probably the first time that's happened for me since hearing it in Pulp Fiction in the theater). Overall they really surprised me - they've really got it together and made it tough for anyone to follow 'em up. However, it wasn't just anyone following 'em up - it was The Nebulas and Satan's Pilgrims! The Nebulas were spot-on from start to finish, keeping things uptempo for the most part, but I actually got more questions from audience members about their slower tunes, wondering which CD they were from. Satan's Pilgrims capped the night with a set that blew me away. How can these guys go from not playing, to touring and sounding exactly the same as they did a few years ago? Like Ferenc said, what get's em under people's skins is the fact that their music is so damn catchy and dancable - it appeals to everyone.

I can't go into more detail, since I'm at work, but it was an absolutely amazing night. Thanks to the bands for hanging out before, during and after the show - it was great to talk to all of you. Thanks also to the bands for allowing me to sell Double Crown stuff along with your stuff. Thanks to the fans for coming out and buying stuff - all told we sold about $800 worth of stuff to about 100 people! Hey Verb, next time you gotta bring CD's to sell! Also, Unflunf, you can post any photos of me or the merch table - I don't have any photos from the show, so look forward to seeing some posted here.


Double Crown Records

Double Crown Records

Surf CD's / Vinyl / Fanzines / DVD's
Frankie & The Pool Boys - The Wet Season CD
The Surfaders - Shaken & Disturbed CD
Continental Magazine - Issue #30 w/27 Song CD

Our CDs were sitting on the table next to the door. We forgot them.

And we wouldn't have started with Misirlou if we didn't feel good about our version. Actually, we wouldn't have played it at all. That is one song that we are very tight on. Having the extra guitar and trumpet really helps.

Scott and Dave are freakin' giants by the way. I totally did not expect to see how large they were.


I can't say much for the "cheesedicks" but aren't they at every show?

Yep, there's a Cheesedicks Union, alright. The little beggers are located on the food chain right below homeless street people, although they're still above government agents who claim "we're here to help you". Smile

Fortunately, we also have a Bouncer's Union, and they almost always make short work of cheesedicks. Sometimes it's not a pretty picture, but there's no avoiding it. Maybe if we could come up with some sort of forced sterilization program......


I tried to post this early this afternoon, but for some gawd-awful reason, the forum software got hung up on the word "alright". I don't know why, but I could enter the entire message, minus that word, and it would preview just fine. But I wanted that word, dammit, and the Preview function just wasn't going to accept it, in this context. Here we are, several hours later, and the thing has finally given up and let me post what I want, the way I want. Hooray for the good guys....

Score: Stubborn old fart - 1, finicky software - 0.

(copyright 2003, Bruce Welch)

Still recovering, but here goes:
I had a great time and it was totally worth it. It was great meeting everyone - band members, Ferenc, Dick, Tina, Sean, Al, Eric, Doug, Paul, Bret, and everyone else I forgot. I was travelling with my friend thejab (big name on Tiki Central) who not only dug the shows, but made the time before and after very cool with tours of Seattle and Portland (bars, restaurants, record stores, vintage stores, etc).

We were late to the Seattle gig, but were able to catch 3-4 songs from the 'Verb, and it sounded very different from their partial line up a few months ago. Loud and energetic.
I was up in front for the Nebulas show and Satan's Pilgrims. I was impressed by the Nebulas' precise playing and energy, but the venue itself made the sound mushy, with the lead guitar getting burried most of the time. Not the Nebulas fault, though, as their playing was excellent.
The Pilgrims followed up, and took the house by storm. The way their guitar parts are constructed and the tightness of it all made better use of the venue's accostic properties, although Dave was getting burried from time to time.
Eric tool some pics of the set lists, and they stuck to it pretty closely in the Seattle show, so maybe he can post the song titles. I was finally able to hear "Devil's Punchbowl" played live, and that by itself was almost worth the trip. The fun continued until a bunch of drunk punk rockers thought it was still cool in this day and age to drink and spray the drink on the band and audience. This continued for a while (with most people, including me, deciding to let it pass), until one crossed the line and threw his cup at Jonh's bass. Scott has enough of that and confronted the guy while I was holding the idiot from going on stage. That was the end of the show more or less.

The Portland show was 10 time better in all aspects. The venue was very cool, has a great sound system, a sound man that knew what he was doing, and there was time for a good sound check. The Nebulas opened, and immedietly it was noticeable how much better everything sounded. My friend thejab, who for the night before wasn't impressed with the Nebulas, commented on how good they were. Being able to hear the melody makes all the difference! They also kept their masks on for most of the show which was impressive, being how hot they must have been.
The Pilgrims took the stage, and it was so obvious this was their hometown. So many people knew all the songs, and were dancing the entire show. The show was longer, and of course the sound was 10 times better, so I was in surf music heaven.
They used the same set lists, but mixed things up a little bit. Ted's vocal numbers were an added bonus. Not only he's a great drummer, he's a good frontman/vocalist.

The next day was a whirlwind tour of Portland with thejab and a friend of Mark Pederson (Surf Trio). She showed us around, and it was a restaurant/bar/lounge/vintage store/record store fest.

Until next time,


Well, it had to happen - I've finally gotten off my butt and finished what I promised to a couple of days ago. Yep, I've finally massaged all the photos, and put them up on my own server. Let me just say this, the photodump sites and the blog sites all have their attractive features, but they just can't come up to my standards. Sigh.

What I'll probably do after a few weeks is post an album on our Yahoo group Photos section, but the main problem there is the same as what I found on many sites around the net: there's a maximum on how large an image can be, either in pixels, in file size, or both. Not true on my personal server. I wanted to be able to show some detail, and I don't think anyone's gonna gripe about my images being 640x480 and ~50KB. Cool

There are 29 images in all, out of the 30 I took. One came out fuzzy, and I had other shots to cover that, so all in all, I was pleased. I do wish I could have gotten closer to the Nebulas and Satans Pilgrims, but I'm not the kind of butthead that barges in front of paying show attendees just for personal thrills. The over-the-tops-of-heads, back-of-the-crowd shots weren't too bad, except that all the players seem to be in love with dropping their guitars below their belt buckles - no closeups of guitars, sorry. Sad

Any questions, besides "where's that link, dammit?"? Razz

St. Paddy's Day Surf Show at the Funhouse 2006


p.s. I also paid, in spite of offers by some band members to put me on their guest list. It was way worth it!

(copyright 2003, Bruce Welch)

Last edited: Apr 21, 2006 01:48:44

Awesome...thank you!

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Awesome. Thanks Al. That is the first photo I have seen of myself with what i would consider hair. I think I look much better bald if I must say so. The photographer without a name is Kari, Mike's girlfriend.

Jacob,> The photographer without a name is Kari, Mike's girlfriend.

I did see Mike talking to her for some length of time, so I was pretty sure that at least one of you could approach her, and ask if she'd like to share the shots she took. Smile

I think I look much better bald if I must say so.

Well, you don't have to say so, but you can if you wish. Laughing Of course, if you'd been a fly on the wall right next to me when the Nebulas were playing, you would have heard a certain pair of young, out-of-town, ladies chat me up about how "cute those Verbs are"!

I'm not saying anything here, I'm just sayin', ya know. Very Happy


(copyright 2003, Bruce Welch)

Yeah, I'll get those pictures eventually. Kari is picky with her photos because she is such a damn good photographer. She took some of all the bands.

So let me see how I can best recall my little "rock and roll weekend"...

So after a while, people started dispersing, and when Paul and Doug hit the hay, Brett and I met up with Tena, who had apparently been bounced some minutes earlier for being "visibly intoxicated" so we hung in her room and talked some ####, wrote on her door, and then snuck our way back down to the bar.

hahaha, yeah, but that was Heath, not me!

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

sweeeeet I'm on the edge of my seat.

To Jeff, i did see someone shooting video during the Pilgrims set in Portland so hopefully that will see the light of day in the future - I'd certainly buy it!!


I have plenty of pictures. Brian, where do you want me to load those?

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

So. This is my first post on these forums. Just wanted to say hello to all. I had a great time this weekend meeting all the new people and seeing old friends. We had some great shows with both The Verb and The Pilgrims thanks to everyone for making the shows great.

I did wake up to find a novel written on my door in Portland. I wont repeat what it sayed and I did not get play froma drunk TFJ when he stumbled in around 3 or 4 am. I was only worried he might be so drunk he would piss all over the room.

But again thanks and it was awesome seeing everyone. We miss the west coast and hopefully will get to tour out there again soon.

Now off to NJ to play with The Pilgims again.

Cheers! and if i misspelled anything I dont care! Deal with it.

Nebula 4

This caught my attention

"met up with Tena, who had apparently been bounced some minutes earlier for being "visibly intoxicated" so we hung in her room and talked some ####"

too bad it is being denied.

It looks like everyone was standing with arms crossed. No dancing?

I danced next to Tena at the ISC in Vegas the weekend before. I wish I had gone to this show. Next time.

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