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Permalink The Official Satan's Pilgrims / Nebulas March 2006 Thread

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Just thought I would start this for the benefit of us poor b*stards who were not there. If you were, please chime in. If you have a lengthy show report, please submit that as a news item by clicking here. was the first show? Very Happy

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

It was awesome. First of all we played the best we have ever played. Everything clicked pretty damn well. I really like the club we played at. We always sound very balanced in there.

The Nebulas are really great. They busted out the Star Trek uniforms which they had worn in two years or so. Their set was pretty good. Dano broke his strap at the beginning of a song. He says he does this all the time and brings back up straps with him. However, the breaker of the night goes to Eric from the 'Verb who broke two strings. The Nebulas are a really great band live. It was pretty much exactly as I was hoping. I picked up the new CD and it is very good. The Nebulas are one of my favorite bands out there so no complaing from me.

Then there was Satan's Pilgrims. They were damn good. I personally think I prefer the music of the Nebulas over the Pilgrims but the Pilgrims put on such a damn good show. They have tremendous stage presence. I was most impressed by Johnny. The guy plays a mean bass. Also I was closest to Scott's amp and that guy plays some of the best rhythm out there. Great lead player to boot.

So I met all the Pilgrims and Nebulas and they were great people to chat with. Ferenc was also there. We had dinner with him before the show and it was great catching up with him again. I got Year of the Rooster and I must suggest everybody pick this disc up. I prefer it to Live in Japan Town.

The only picture I took.

And video of half a song.

I only took one picture because there was a much better photographer than myself taking photos. Also I was a little too close to get many good picture. The photo I took was at max wide angle. Expect a lot of photos. Many people were taking them. I didn't take much video because I wanted to enjoy the show and the club was a little dark.

I forgot to put an extension on the video. Just click on the link and download.


What should the extension be Jacob? My quicktime player can play it so I assume its a .mov?

Thanks so much! Cool

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Thanks, Jake!

I tried every extension and 5 different players. Yeah, Brian, I'm pretty sure it's Quicktime .mov format. Worked great.

To others: when you save to disc, just add .mov to the filename and save. There ya go.


I'm Batman...No not <I>that</I> Batman. :p

It is indeed a .mov

And I cannot recommend The new Nebulas CD enough. Good stuff.

And I cannot recommend The new Nebulas CD enough. Good stuff.


It's kind of an edgier, rawer sound for them. I like the songs a lot, more variety than last time, and the energy is killer.

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

I am back in SF now, wow, what a the trip... It has been almost ten years since I had the Pilgrim experience, and the guys don't look like they have aged much. Neither has the music. What I always dug about the Pilgrims sound is the slight infusion of the Stax groove, which keeps things even tempo'd and danceable. Ted kept it steady, and they were in the pocket, sounding very well rehearsed- not like they hadn't played in a year. One thing about having 3 guitarists, the arrangements have to be worked out or else it turns to mush. It was not mush, and all the melody instruments had their sonic spaces well defined with perfect overlap. It is a very rich sound, and it was a lot of fun. The St. Patty's Day crowd was very enthusiastic about the Pilgrim's return.
The Nebulas (haven't seen them in 3 1/2 years) stuck more with the sonic assault approach- Jim's frantic tempos and Dan's double time rhythm guitar creating a wall of reverb. I was really enjoying what Mike was getting out of his Mosrite, producing spooky overtones that created a fifth element to their sound. They played a lot of new material from the new CD including a Pilgrim's covers and Hollies song (Bus Stop). Their set seemed really short... Guys, I hope you can make it out to California this year.
Hard to compare the Verb to the last time I saw them last summer. Jake was there, they had a new, ass kickin drummer and the new guy Mike on 3rd guitar and keys. Mike really understood his part in the mix whether he was on Farfisa Compact or guitar, playing slowly arpeggiated whole note, wet pads, then adding a little vibrato at the end of the chord to send off into etherealville. Jake sounded great, as did Eric (who also doubled on trumpet). Its great to see that there is such enthusiam for surf music with these younger guys.
I met Unlunf, who first appeared with a bag over his head to match his avatar! Funny guy... Also, I finally got to meet Sean Berry, a guy who I first started corresponding with in 1995. Met a couple of Dicks last night, sorry for getting you guys confused, and some list lurkers too. Ran, great to see you too.
This morning I had breakfast at the nicest donut shop on the planet, Top Pot. It is owned by Mark Klebeck from King of Hawaii (Mark is a busy guy, don't expect any KOH shows anytime soon.)
OK, thats my show report- Fun!

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Thanks for the show reports so far guys. I wore my Satan's Pilgrims shirt last night( in that I was there in spirit) even though I was at a all rockabilly show.
I would really like so see a video/dvd, of these guys get put out like the Surf Coasters did. Especially since the SP's don't play much anymore. ( hint hint)



Thanks Ferenc!

I suppose I am being impatient, but I need more show reports! Shocked

And, how did the Portland gig go?

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

As much as I missed the shows and would love to hear more about them, and see video or pics( if possible).
I was really bummed to miss out on all the before and after get togethers
at Bars and resturaunts. ( ok so I'm a pig and like to eat and drink sometimes). Any run downs on those goings on would be cool too.



Just me, checking in.....

I got some very good pictures, but I'm waiting on permission before posting them, I don't wanna step on any toes, you understand. Smile

Due to a problem with the rental van, the Pilgrims had a late start getting out of Portland, so there was no "pre-show" partying for them. (At least, not here. Now on the raod before they arrived, I can't say about that. 8)) The Nebulas were in the club when I showed up at about 7pm, and were the first to be exposed to my lunatic brand of humor, the real-paper-bag-that-looks-like-my-avatar gag. They took it in good spirits (I think! Surprised ).

Ferenc came in with The 'Verb, and we shot the breeze for awhile, before other early arrivals got his attention. I also met Ran, but he was chest-deep in probably at least 3 different conversations already, so we just shook hands, and I left it at that. edit:Dick Messick also came over and introduced himself, we talked for a few moments. He took a photo of the avatar/bag over my head, I just got it in email. Looks good, considering the subject material. Laughing /edit

A couple of folks got a pic of my avatar-bag, it may show up here, if you're unlucky. Razz Sean sequestered a booth for his wares, and it looked to me like he did a brisk business. Lots of people over there, anyway, and I got a shot or two of him, again awaiting permission for posting. Jeff, you'll be glad to know that a small but vocal Tiki contingent showed up. They were gracious enough to let me post this, after I explained to them why I was going to so much trouble.

OK, OK, get with the real stuff, you say. Sure. The music, that's what it's all about.

The 'Verb has it together, and I mean all of it. I've said it before, the old schoolers are gonna have to work to stay ahead of these guys, because they just are not gonna let any moss grow under their feet. They move, they make you move, they kick ass, they don't even bother to stick around and take names, they're so good. But like just about every other musician in the surf genre, they're extremely approachable, not stand-offish or anything like that. Eric on trumpet will make you shiver in memory of what you used to hear in some first-wave surf bands. Mike does add that dimension that you didn't know was missing, whether on third guitar or on a small but capable Farfisa organ. All in all, if you could only stay for one set, you got your money's worth with this band. 'Nuff said.

The Nebulas, having only 4 members, were able to sound like they had at least two or three extra players on stage with them. I don't know how they did that, and I can't even guess, but they did it. Very powerful, very melodic, tight as a thong, and twice as tasty. What I did notice was an unexpected touch of echo. Very minimal use of that effect, just enough to let you know it's there, but not so much that you get tired of it in about three tunes. And for anyone who thinks that a Mosrite can't cut the mustard as a surf lead intrument, then you're gonna have to order up lot of salt, because The Nebulas will make you eat crow.

Satan's Pilgrims. What can anybody say about them? Full stage wall-to-wall equipment, matching outfits, championship quality tunes, an obvious joye-d'vire, these guys are still the epitome of what surf music was always all about, having fun! They didn't do anything out of the ordinary, they just did the ordinary so exceedingly well as to make it look like they were a bunch of old friends, perhaps sitting at a back-yard BBQ, knocking back some brewskis, and bragging about old conquests. Look in the dictionary, under the definition of "tight"..... you see that picture? That's the Pilgrims, caught in a time-frozen moment. Not easy to do, they flow smoother than quicksilver, yet they punch through like a heavyweight boxer. Other groups can talk the talk and walk the walk, but the only Pilgrims can make you believe that they're playing the music of the gods!

Suffice it to say, a good time was had by all. If you were here in spirit, then your body is probably still shaking like a leaf from having so much fun all at one time - - be sure to take two aspirin and call your doctor in the morning!


(copyright 2003, Bruce Welch)

Last edited: Mar 19, 2006 21:26:15

Thanks for the review Al. And no need to get permission to post pictures of the 'Verb. We are public domain. You can't copyright beauty after all.

Thanks Al, that was great!

Now maybe you should change your ID to unlknf? Or unlanf? Laughing

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Brian,> Thanks Al, that was great!

Now maybe you should change your ID to unlknf? Or unlanf? Laughing

Now that Jacob has let some of the cat out of the bag, I can only throw myself at your feet and beg mercy that you let me change my username to something less.... ummm... less curious, yeah, that's it, less curious to those who don't know me in person. But that isn't for another week yet. On the 24th, all, just keep your jeans on, OK? Smile

And I think we all were just exposed to an example of why Jacob D. came through his recent bout of ill-health - the man is indefatigable. His sense of humor, however, needs work. Laughing

OK, pictures coming up. Brian, would you prefer that I make a Folder over at Yahoo, or just stick them right here in a mesage? The latter method will eat SG101 bandwidth every time some hits this page.... the Yahoo method may disappear unexpectedly. I'll keep backups, of course, but there will be much anguish and teeth-gnashing if Yahoo does stop playing nice. Your call, my friend.


(copyright 2003, Bruce Welch)


You can't stick the image right here in the message (there is no attachment mod - yet...).

You can link-in the images to these forum posts (Klas is an expert at this). That doesn't eat the SG101 bandwidth, just the bandwidth of the server where they are actually hosted....if that makes sense.

I'd say just put them somewhere else and post the link. is a nice site...or if you have web space somewhere else...

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea


I guess I wasn't thinking, I knew darn good and well that attachments aren't (yet) enabled.:( Adding img tags is no problem. I've got server space, but even my own server/ISP is susceptible to occasional service downtime. Let me check out flikr and a few others like that, do some testing, and make a new post.

Right now, I need to sneak out and go do some jamming, I'll finish this up in the AM.


(copyright 2003, Bruce Welch)

Well, with flickr anyway, you can create really nice pages of pictures, then you could just post the 1 link here. It would be a pain to make a lot of img tags in a forum post if you had a lot of pictures. But its your call.

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

So let me see how I can best recall my little "rock and roll weekend"...

I flew into Portland at around 3:00, wandered aimlessly around downtown for a few hours before grabbing some chow by Pioneer Square.

I grabbed a cab over to Doug Fir around 7:00 and soon found myself planted in front of the upstairs bar with Pabst in hand. I proceeded to keep this posture for nearly an hour until Bret of the Pyronauts tracked me down. Soon as the doors opened, he, Paul the Pyronaut, Paul's girlfriend (whose name escapes me no matter how often I hear it), and I all went downstairs to see who else was around.

As we sat, it was somewhat perplexing that the house was still pretty clear. For those who haven't been, Doug Fir is a pretty respectable venue... I'd say it holds 300, so when it got to be right about nine and we still didn't see a lot of faces, I began to sweat it a little. I did have a chance to talk to Too Fast Jim a bit before the show and we discussed mostly the new CD and how the night before was, and he assured me that they'd sold more advance tickets than the last SP show at Doug Fir.

Soon enough the Nebulas hit the stage, wearing white ties, skull masks and top hats. They played a mix of stuff from all three albums, as well as a number of choice covers. I REALLY like the "Bus Stop" cover that they do - it surpasses the original in my ears. I will make a side note of how impressed I was when Rudy broke a string, he borrowed a Jag from the Pilgrims that STILL matched the Nebs guitars. Way too cool.
Halfway during the set, I began to notice a number of "hoooooo"s (no, not referring to all the cute ladies in attendance) and lo and behold, there was Doug, all the way from Reno - he snuck in somewhere during the first set (in a Sand Dunes shirt, I must add). So the Nebs wrapped up the set with The Ghastly Stomp and I damn near lost my mind -- it was INTENSE!!!

After the set, I started milling around, got yet another beer (I think the count was somewhere around 6 at this point), and ran into a goodly number of the crowd -- Tiki Tena, and her friend Heath, Ran, The Nebulas (and a few Nebulettes), Doug's buddy from way back, and, unbeknownst to me at the time, Dick Messick - who was selling merch for the Nebulas.

Soon enough, SP hit the stage, and I was floored. I've told a ton of people already -- I can TOTALLY see how they got to be as big as they were. Nothing flashy on stage, per se, just solid rock from start to finish, with that great beat behind it that got everyone moving. All was well and good, except for one pair of cheesedicks who somehow ended up in front of Brett and myself. I don't know if it's something about guys our size or what, but these dudes just were making asses of themselves, and it was to a point where I was VERY close to taking my empty bottle of Pabst upside one guy's head. Thank heavens I hadn't had any Jagermeister, or else it would have been ON.

After the Pilgrims wound down, everyone milled about while the DJ played... some crap. Call it Rap, Hip-Hop, House, whatever it was, it sure as hell wasn't surf and garage as insinuated. So after a while, people started dispersing, and when Paul and Doug hit the hay, Brett and I met up with Tena, who had apparently been bounced some minutes earlier for being "visibly intoxicated" so we hung in her room and talked some shit, wrote on her door, and then snuck our way back down to the bar. A few bottles later, who do we see finishing off their dinner but Dano, Dick M, and Too Fast Jim. So we all squeeze in, and somehow the conversation got .... a little low-brow. All I remember was "fisting", "kegel exercises" (which Dano gave a LOVELY demo of), and "anal penetration". Now who was doing what to whom, I couldn't tell ya, but I know Eric was rooming with Jim, and Jim had that look in his eye that was a preview of things to come. So we ran around causing craziness until we closed the place out, and Tena and I went around writing on Nebulas' doors, or crediting our writing on anonymous doors to The Nebulas. (the doors at the hotel are chalkboard material, and guests are encouraged to decorate the doors as they see fit, FYI)

In the end, I found a cab and stumbled up to my room with ringing ears sometime around 4:00, and caught my flight back to SF at 1:00, only after standing in line to get a burrito behind none other than Teddy Pilgrim.

Best. Weekend. Ever.


First of all, thanks to everyone that traveled any distance to come to either show. We truly appreciate it! It was great to make new acquaintances and see folks returning from last years reunion.
The 'Verb did an outstanding job in Seattle and Dave Pilgrim is working on getting them to play in Portland. The Nebulas were fab (as we expected) and put on a great live show. The fun continues with them this weekend in Jersey!
Between people travelling great distances, having bands like The 'Verb and the Nebulas open for you, and having such connoisseurs as Ferenc, Dick Messick, Sean Berry, Uncle Al, Tiki Tena, The Lava Rats, Ran, The Pyronauts, (and others I'm probably forgetting on this Monday morning) you better do your best to put on a good show. We hope (and it seems like so far) that we didn't disappoint anyone. We, in case you couldn't tell, had a blast and would also like to thank Pabst Blue Ribbon for playing an integral part in both nights.
Thanks again to Brian and all SG101ers. We wish SG101 had been around in the 90s! It's a great resource without all the BS and overbearing egos. Keep it up!
Ted Pilgrim

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