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Permalink The Official 2006 Kilaueas USA Tour Thread

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... and yet another post to this thread ... boy, what a great time we had ...

Ralf got himself equipped for SoCal temperatures with a new set of clothes:

The Kilaueas' Beach Bunny Photo Session:
image image
image image

A rare sight: Volker with a Neptune double neck ...

.. while Tom from The Neptunes is trying to fix a broken string on Volkers Jaguar.

Playing the Doug Fir in Portland:

Oli tests his new drumset optimized for long distance travelling ...

A million thanks to all these folks (in no particular order):

Ted & Jane
Sean Berry & family
Tony Ruiz & family and all from Outerwave
Big Tiki Dude
Rick from Rickshaw Records
Clint Beachwood and family
Billy & his taco motorhome and the rest of The Detonators
Marty and his bear hugs
Tiki Tena
Doug Paulin
John Benton
Linda & John Miller from HBISM
John & Sue Copeland
Tom and all from The Neptunes
Johnny Bartlett and his gang of Brutal Roosters (Pat! We're STILL talking about you!!!!)
Danny and Mel from Meshugga Beach Party
Ferenc (what a cool house!) and all the other Sea-Chickens
Sam Bolle
Kyle & Marie (should I say Nadine??) and family (you gave us the time to rest we needed - thanks!) and the rest of the Verbtones
Mike (incredible laser sword!!!!!!!), his parents & all from The Verb
The Satan's Pilgrims in Portland (the guitars never sounded any better than that night with your amps! Too bad we couldn't talk more ...)
Bruce and all from Longboard Ranch
The Surf Kings

To those I forgot to mention:
Listen pal, we thank you too, understand? Wink

All of you guys that wanted our first CD: I'll be sending them next week...


Hi Tom, thanks also for bringing in a lot of energy and showmanship, as well as the great instrumentals you brought over. Very refreshing indeed. By the way, remember Mama from the blues bar Babes And Ricky's in South Central LA. She was asking me when the German boys are comin back, she wants to listen to some German surf music live. Say hello to Ralf, Volker and Olie. -Tony

You boys are fabulous!
un grand beso desde espana chao

Wow Alexa, nice avitar!

Thanks for posting those shots! Poor Volker looks like he is hatin that double neck, the strings were gone by that time... sorry!

You guys were great! Fresno missed out, a local DJ came and stood there shaking his head "this place should be packed" he said. Hope to see you all again!



Hey Tom!

Glad you're home safe and hopefully you are over the jet lag by now.

Jane says to say hi and loved the pictures. Post some more if you can. Please say hi to the rest of the Kil's and you all are always welcome to stay at our place! We had a blast having you guys stay with us.

We'll have to drop into Berlin or Stuttgart and surprise you guys at a gig. We'll bring the El Gringo blackened Mahi Mahi tacos and the Don Julio tequila!


Wow Alexa, nice avitar!

Well thank you Tom

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