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Permalink The Official 2006 Kilaueas USA Tour Thread

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I've added one from each of the past 3 shows:

British Club:


HB Surf Museum

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

One more show before the Kilaueas hit the road - Baja Cantina this Wednesday.
Also, we thank the Kilaueas big time for playing a set during our Surf Gig Party last Sunday. Played at around 10:30 until 11:15, and then they partied until almot 2 AM. Thanks also to our surf community for making this a pretty good get-together, John and Linda Miller, the Copelands, Marty, Detonator Billy, Adrien, Big Tiki Dude, Bill & Joyce of the Glasgow Tiki Shakers (buy their newly released CD at CD Baby), Doug and Claudia, Rudy and Kristina whose eldest daughter helped out a lot in cleaning up our mess afterwards, and of course, OuterWave and their families. If I missed to mention any of our surf friends from all the guest that showed up (about 50), I apologize.The jam part of the party went beyond surf. All the way up to some really killer blues, no garage music here. This turned out to be more than a jam party but to thank the Kilaueas for the great instrumentals and for keeping surf music alive and well in Germany.

Really looking forward to two Kilauea nights in Portland next week - Tuesday with DD at the Doug Fir is my bday taboot. And Duff's on Thursday with The Verbtones and The 'Verb. Must be summer!



More fun with the Kilaueas! I'm really going to miss these guys. What a week it has been!

Anyway, here's photos from last night's Baja Cantina show.


"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

It's 2:30 in the morning: I just got home from the Kilaueas
show in Albany, California, and all I can say is...................
H-O-L-Y C-R-A-P!!!!! They are unbelievably great! I'll get into
more detail tomorrow after I get back from the Kilaueas' show
at theHotel Utah in S.F. also featuring the Pyronauts and Pollo
Del Mar. Life is GOOD!!! Very Happy

Bob S.


WOOO! Kilaueas kicked ass today in SF!

You have a new fan! Very Happy

Science friction burns my fingers.

WOOO! Kilaueas kicked ass today in SF!

You have a new fan! Very Happy

It's so true!!!

I went to both their shows up here in SF area, and I was blown away by their great sound. They got the chops, yet keep it loose enough to draw you in to the energy of the performance. I can learn a thing or 2 (or 10) from these guys. It goes without saying, that like almost all surf people I've met, they're really nice people.

As a bonus, Volker showed me the way to get that sound on the Fender IV Malibu Run - I could never find the right voicing for it.

Dare I say, before I met these guys, this meshugganner never considered the possibility of even wanting to visit Germany.

Danny Snyder

aka El Gringo Viejo of Combo Tezeta
aka Mycroft Eloi of The TomorrowMen
aka Shecky Shekels of Meshugga Beach Party

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times

Tom(Neptune) How about a review?
I soo wanted to go up to Fresno on Fri, and then the bay area for Sat. Sun. shows.
I was at some evnts this fri sat and sun. But nothing compared to
the Kilaueas, everything is a let down, after them.



My daughter who lives in San Francisco went to the Hotel Utah gig and it was disappointing to hear that maybe no more than 15 people showed up. I hope her math sucks and there were more than that. Man, that is with three top notch bands playing. We may be too jaded with surf music here in California but we gotta do something to bring this music out there and appreciated. As far as I am concerned, and the rest of my band mates feel the same way, A band like The Kilaueas should be playing in much bigger venues, like the CoachHouse or the Whiskey. Maybe next year, if the Kilaueas decide to come over again, we can really prepare and get some good shows planned. The Kilaueas are the kind of band than can keep surf music going.

Tony, I think 15 is a bit shy, perhaps she didn't realize there was an upstairs loft that looked down on the band. Maybe there were more like 25 people. Hey it's a Sunday afternoon on a beautiful summer day, always a tough sell. The night before in Albany did a little better at a much smaller profile venue.

The Kilaueas told me they were glad that atleast in NorCal people stood up and watched the band, not just sit at their tables - BTD Question
They understand that live music in general is much less popular here in the US than in Europe.

I agree with the main thrust of your post though, we do need to expand the audience. This is the everpresent, topmost issue amongst all us surf bands up here and everywhere else. The problem being, it won't happen by itself, and the catalyst for change may take more energy than any of us have to offer, if at all possible.

Danny Snyder

aka El Gringo Viejo of Combo Tezeta
aka Mycroft Eloi of The TomorrowMen
aka Shecky Shekels of Meshugga Beach Party

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times

The Kilaueas told me they were glad that atleast in NorCal people stood up and watched the band, not just sit at their tables - BTD Question
They understand that live music in general is much less popular here in the US than in Europe.

Ive heard that too from Europe touring US bands - more standing (VERY few venues actually have chairs), more dancing, better attendance most of the times. I was surprised to hear that.


Rules to live by #314:
"When in Italy, if the menu says something's grilled, don't assume it is."

Danny, well I am glad there were more than 15. Anyway, when we had the show with the Kilaueas we noticed that they were standing almost 10 feet from the stage watching us for about three or four songs. When they noticed that nobody else was standing they went to the side. We returned the favor by standing up during most of their set, although not as close to the stage. All of our collective minds need to get together and make some sense on why the turnouts on surf shows can be dismal sometimes. We have all fall and winter to come up with some new ideas.

Damn lazy Americans don't want to even stand at shows, let alone at work. Wink



I was a little disappointed with the turn out as well. But, like Danny said, the show was on a Sunday afternoon.

I think to expand the surf audience, the surf bands need to have enough confidence to play outside the surf bubble. If the band has enough of that surf raw energy reach over to the punk or rockabilly/psychobilly kids. I'm sure a band like the Kilaueas grab the attention of some of these younger kids back in Germany. I dunno...

Science friction burns my fingers.

This topic has come up several times in the past on various places. I know from our experience in playing and seeing other bands, it is really difficult to attract a large group of people to shows if you are playing pure/trad surf. Probably not a popular opinion on this board, but when we play at our local club (Suzy's in Hermosa), the majority of people in attendance are our friends and not specifically surf music fans. Over the years, I've noticed three things that will hopefully get people to shows (and keep them coming back):
1. Fun recognizable songs to which the audience can connect.
2. Creating a rapport with the audience through jokes, banter and gimmicks.
3. Making it fun for people to be at the shows. People can really tell if the band is having fun and people like to see bands that are enjoying themselves as well.

It's too bad surf music doesn't have the draw that it does in some places (Europe for example) but if we want to draw more people into the fold, we'll need to make the music more "user friendly" for the outsider. I love it when a band plays some obscure tune, but let's face it, we are a incredibly small percentage of the potential fans for this music. With instrumental music in general, we need to do other things than just play the obscure stuff to appeal to people in the way that will make the shows better attended.

Ted from the Det's

This is a repost of what I wrote to Cowabunga this morning. I do not want to sidetrack this thread with a discussion about why surf music isn't more popular, but this is relevant to yesterday's show:

snip - "It wasn't a great turnout by any means, but there were 45 paid. There have certainly been worse shows. Also, the Kilaueas played the night before at a club about 15 miles away. I always tell bookers, San Francisco is not a big market like L.A. you can only book one show around here, there just aren't that many surf fans. And those who didn't come missed something very special, but maybe they just thought, "eh, I'll see the Kilaueas next time they come from Germany..." -snip

Well, those not in attendance lost out, it was a great show... Thanks Kilaueas for bringing your music to us!


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Hey guys, or Brian, can we move the last few posts over to the new thread I started about show attendace. or leave them here and double post them there also.
I think there is some good info that should be in the other thread.



I caught both Bay Area shows, and I've gotta say,
the Kilaueas absolutely blew me away at each! They
played a nice mix of tunes from "Mundaka Calls" and
"Professor Volcanova" along with some outstanding
covers like "Caravan", "Secret Agent Man", "Malibu
Run", and they closed the Hotel Utah show with "Walk
Don't Run" featuring Ralf going totally apesh*t, flailing
around on the floor, and flying all over the place. The
musicianship was stellar from start to finish, from Ralf's
manic energy, to Volker's laser-like precision right
hand double-picking, Tom's driving bass playing, to Oli's
rock-steady drumming. Despite using different equipment
each night, it didn't phase the Kilaueas a bit, and the sound
was consistant from show to show. Nicer guys you could
not meet: all four speaking very good English, and very
willing to talk at length, and to answer any questions.
Besides being phenominal musicians, the guys are equally
big fans, standing up front for the other bands' sets, and
enthusiastically cheering them on. And special thanks to
the Big Tiki Dude for his great advice that 'tipped the scales'
in favor of me to choosing the Kilaueas show on Saturday
night, when I had so many great choices of surf shows
available to me. To you guys & gals up North, don't miss
their shows! And by all means, buy both CD's. You will not
be disappointed.

Bob S.


First of all, I want to thank all of you who have come out to see the Kilaueas play in California. I talked to them the other day (Friday) and they were very happy with the way the tour has gone so far. Yes, there could have been more people, but they are really treating this as a vacation first, working tour second. They just really wanted to come to the US and play surf music where it all started. They also said merch sales have gone well - they actually sold almost all of their CD's and I had to send an emergency stash to Portland so they'd have CD's for the Dick Dale show there tonight.

In my mind a couple of things have hurt attendence at each of the shows. 1) They are playing a few too many shows, which is due to the fact that they wanted to be in the US for three weeks. They wanted to play as much as possible, so we booked probably 2 or 3 more shows than we probably should of. 2) Because they came over without amps, reverb and drums, we had to pair them with at least one other surf band willing to let them borrow gear for their set. If they had their own gear, I definitely would have tried to book a mix of surf and non-surf bands. I think bills involving a surf band are most successful (attendence-wise) if there is a mix of surf and non-surf. Like mentioned earlier, surf is not popular here in the US these days, but live music in general is as popular as it's always been.

Please don't feel bad that they've come all this way to play to 30-40 people per show. Yes, ideally, there would have been more each night, but our expectations weren't too high. And the merchandise sales help a lot. Bands these days can double their take on sales of CD's and t-shirts. Heck, I sold merch for Satan's Pilgrims and the Nebulas in Seattle a few months ago - they got a few hundred dollars each at the door, but overall I sold about $600 worth of merchandise to a crowd of about 75-100 people. The other thing is that the shows coming up will probably do better than the CA shows - they play with Dick Dale tonight, which'll be good, then shows in Portland, Seattle and the big one in Bellingham on Saturday.

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Here are some cell phone pics my wife Nadine took at last nights Portland show @ Dug Fur September 12th, 2006
Later on we'll post some better res photos.
Nadine said the show was awesome and Dick dale was hot as always! I didn't get to go had to stay home with the kids, Nadine went with our drummer's wife to baby sit The Verbtone drum kit, The Kilaueas used our kit so many Portland folks thought they missed us but we'll be playing a show with The Kilaueas tomorrow night @ Duff's Garage September 14th with Seattle's The 'Verb.
I heard they used Satan's Pilgrims amps but not able to get Ted's kit so they used ours





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