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Fight the good fight Bro!
Hang in there. Our prayers are with you.

Be careful following the masses. Sometimes the "M" is silent...........................

Get well, Spanky. Our prayers are with you.

Pulling for you, Spanky. Get well.

Keep up the fine fight Spanky.

The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.

Spanky will probably receive his first treatment today.

I'm asking for all our SG101ers to send some positive thoughts and/or prayers his way.

We're pulling for Option A!!


Just another of your many fans following your progress and keeping you in my prayers. Get well!

Isaiah 41:10

Read about Spanky's first chemo treatment:




is there a possibility of the surf community putting together a benefit concert to raise some money towards Spanky's medical costs?

something, perhaps, near where he lives so people in his community who know him could show some love to him and his Family?

I would certainly fly in for such an event, assuming there were no conflicts in my schedule

let me know??

man, I am so praying for him.....


We volunteer to bring all the equipment, do all the leg work, and open the show. Someone sez jump......we jump. We don't ask how high or how far, we just jump.

For Spanky and family, we will do no less.


The Surge!

Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

The Mystery Men? are in to do whatever we can to help! Just say the word.

Ok then,

Let's plan one. Say maybe about a month from now? I'll find a place, bring the gear. We beat all our "friends" into submission and drag 'em out, wallets in hand.


The Surge!
The Mystery Men?
The StratoGeezer dudes

Wahzzz up with El Cap, Jet?

How 'bout ya Woody, sneak preview of the Mariners? I'll play bass if Mitch can't do it.

I feel really pro-active. I love the sound of surf music in February.........."Let's roll!"


Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

I'm game.

The Mystery Men?
SSS Agent #31

I am so glad that people here in SG101 are getting together to support Spanky and his family.....Bravo!!

If and when a date is locked in, please post it, or let me know off-line,

If more than one benefit is organized, I will make best efforts to attend at least one of them

Thanks to everyone for the beautiful spirit shown,


Last edited: Jan 21, 2009 23:25:25

The ball is already rolling on some ways to help Spanky and his family on the mounting costs they will face, and to show the love we have for him.

First, The Penetrators were scheduled to play a show in Atlanta at the Star Bar on Jan 31st along with long time ATL faves Caroline and the Ramblers and The Blacktop Rockets (for those who don't know, top-notch western swing and rockabilly--long time friends of the band. In fact the origin of the show is Caroline's husband's Robert's 50th B-day). This is now an informal benefit for Spanky. Filling in is The Holland Dutch (featuring Sticks) and Sonoramic Commando (Honky Tonk).

A second formal benefit will be Thurs 26 March, also at the Star Bar. Local promoter Alex Weiss is handling this one--he requested this from the get go. I plan to work on him with this--all lot TBD. I have no idea who he plans to have play at this time.

I'm working with the Star Bar to try and get Fri Mar 27th to make it a 2 day benefit, but that date is "owned" by another promoter. If that doesn't work out, maybe another date later. And I'm not above something else anytime/anyplace to help out (The EARL, anywhere!).

Anything anyone sets up would certainly be welcomed. Again, anytime, anyplace I'll try to help.

As March leads to April to May, it might be possible to make the Clarkston SurfFest a benefit as well--making sure out of town bands got taken care of (their call.)

El Cap is in no matter what either as a more exotica style 3-piece (heck, we can always try...), or with Sticks filling in again, anytime/anyplace (with some limitations).

Spanky is in this for the long haul, and so am I. So while the battle started yesterday (first treatment!), the need for funding is neither immediate nor short term. This is certainly something that weighs heavily on my mind. I want to try to maximize our resources in this fight. I'm certainly not in charge, but would like to see everything coordinated as best as possible.

I would also like to see all of the bands mentioned play all/some of what's going on. If no one wants to wait for March, April, or May, maybe our best bet is another Surf Night at The DooGallery in Feb. If that's the consenus, I'll work on that. But if someone has a better idea, PLEASE speak up!

AND I want Spanky to be as involved as his health and circumstances permit!


New Update available:

Here's to more good nights of sleep ahead! And shrinkage!! (first time I've ever cheered for that!)


He is going to start hibernating soon. I once slept 34 hours of a 36 hour period.

Thanks for adding your perspective. It'll help me understand a lot of what he's dealing with.


Hey Everybody,

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers. Anybody wanting to keep up with the nitty gritty, so to speak I'm sure already is on the myspace update blog so I won't rehash that here.

I will say, I'm not yet up to those fancy designer chemo drugs Jake got to take. We gotta get my liver in order before I can step up to those. I can report, after only 2 treatments (the 3rd tomorrow) and quite a few crazy 'home remedies' and mountains worth of prayer I feel much better today than I did 3 weeks ago.

It's late and I have an early date with a needle, but I wanted to check in and let all of ya'll know I appreciate you and your prayers.

Everyday is a day closer to recovery. Happy Reverbs!

Good luck man,
were pullin for ya.



Enjoy your date with the needle! At least it is a date!

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