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I don't know what to say. Please read Spanky's blog at the myspace page he set up to broadcast updates on his health.

In case you don't know, Spanky is the guitarist in The Penetrators. His brother Rip is who the Shallow End is dedicated to.

Please send your thoughts and prayers his way. Brian (Spanky) and his family need them right now.

From all of us at SG101 we wish you a very speedy recovery Spanky! We are pulling for you man.

Please keep the comments in this thread respectful and on-topic.

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

I felt my stomach drop when I saw this post. Spanky, I wish you all the best. I had final stage cancer myself, although I think we will both agree that the esophagus is a more important than a testicle, and I had no doubt that you will come out of this alright and with a greater perspective and appreciation of life(which isn't to say you don't appreciate life).

Couple tips. When they rinse out your IVs or Ports out with heparin and saline do you notice the terrible taste? If you exhale all of the air out of your lungs while they are doing it you won't taste it. Also, if you have cisplatin your tastebuds are probably in pretty bad shape. I suggest plastic forks and spoons to make things taste a little better. Except I just remembered you had bleeding in the stomach. My intestines had holes punched into them from a tumor so I was on a terrible diet for a long time. If you can't eat or are on a diet may I suggest not looking at Pizza menus. Absolutely terrible idea.

Best of luck! And take care of yourself.

Keep fighting the good fight Spanky!! We're all looking forward to your speedy recovery!

Your great attitude is going to mean TONS. We'll match it... note for note.

We love ya Twangler! As I said before.......My Money's on you.

Thanks for keeping us informed with your emails and blog.

You'll be back on stage in no time!


Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

Right on. Lots of support coming from the Atlanta boys. Let us know if you need any nudie magazines or anything.

The Mystery Men?
SSS Agent #31

Hang in there Spanky. I'm really very sorry to hear about this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

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deepfelt prayers go out to you from me, Spanky

a lot of love is coming your way, from here in the surf community, your family, your friends



Another one of your Atlanta buds here... I wish you a speedy recovery.

You WILL beat this! Keep thinking positive!

My thoughts and prayers are with you as well.

aka WoodyJ

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Spanky is a man of amazing spirit and faith that I've been honored to know for over 16 years now.

Obviously his diagnosis is a tremendous challenge for him and his family. As Brian noted above, his is a family that has already experienced too much tragedy.

Therefore I'm encouraging all SG101ers to do more than just stop by Spanky's myspace. If you are comfortable, please leave a brief comment of support so that the rest of his famliy and friends can help him draw strength from the knowledge that he is loved and respected from a vast community that they may not be familiar with.

As I mentioned above, Spanky is also a man of great faith. If you are also a person of religous faith, you will do him an honor and a service if you will offer prayers in support of both him and his famliy. Spanky has a wonderful, loving wife and three adorable little girls. His parents, who thankfully live in Huntsville as well, have already had to experience the tragedy of burying a son.

Fortunately, Spanky's job does provide health insurance. I'm sure though, that there will be plenty of out of pocket costs associated with all of the treatments Spanky will need. A little later, I'm sure opportunities will arise for those who can and desire to help his famliy in this battle.

And to Spanky:

You've never ceased to be a source of strength and encouragement for me--now more than ever! Keep up the fight and the faith! I love you, man!


Last edited: Jan 14, 2009 12:08:39

Hang in there Spanky!
You're gonna beat it. And then we'll have proof with Dick and Jake and yourself that reverb cures cancer!!


Atomic Mosquitos
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Killers from Space

I am with you there Paul..........ed

Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

Here is to hoping the best for you,
and to a speedy recovery.

get well man,


Best wishes for your recovery from Germany.

The Exotic Guitar of Kahuna Kawentzmann

You can get the boy out of the Keynes era, but you can’t get the Keynes era out of the boy.

Spanky our thoughts are with you, get better soon.

Danny Snyder

Latest project - Now That's What I Call SURF

Hang in there Spanky!
You're gonna beat it. And then we'll have proof with Dick and Jake and yourself that reverb cures cancer!!


Or in my case a healthy does of Bleomycin, Etopicide, Cisplatin, and Reverb! Nothing but the highest quality designer chemo for me! I should give Spanky the name of my dealer, who had actually seen my band play before he became the guy who made my chemo drugs. I gave all my nurses, doctors, and anybody else copies of my CD. I still hear it playing every couple times I have to go visit.

hang in there Spanky - here's hoping for a quick recovery.

Rules to live by #314:
"When in Italy, if the menu says something's grilled, don't assume it is."

best wishes from all los kahunas.......get well pretty soon

El Papu & los Fantasticos Reverberantes

Here is to hoping the best for you,
and to a speedy recovery.
get well man,

THIS is from all of us from SurfGuitar101 Spanky, we KNOW YOU CAN BEAT THIS BRO!!!
We are all right here for ya'!! SurfGuitar101 Wink

.......make the Mos' of it,
.....choose the 'rite stuff!
.........owner of 9 Mosrites
proud owner and documented:
1963 "The Ventures" Model s/n# 0038

All of the Pilgrims are pulling for you Mr. Twangler.

Spanky's Update 3 is now available at:

Go get 'em Radioactive Man!


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