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Floyd: Tremolo
273 days ago

bigtikidude: Who’s coming to SG101?
256 days ago

Jojobaplant: Second Magnatech album on Sharawaji in a few weeks on CD and Vinyl!
244 days ago

jimbones: New stuff coming from the Men in Gray Suits REALLY SOON!
240 days ago

midwestsurfguy: Looking forward to SG102 2022
233 days ago

bigtikidude: Thanks for coming Guy!
199 days ago

MamaGrass: The Bloat Floaters rock!
178 days ago

MamaGrass: TOMORROW, Saturday 8/13! Come on out to one of the raddest venues Winters Tavern, and watch The Bloat Floaters kick out the jams!
171 days ago

MamaGrass: Surf Monster and The Bloat Floaters LIVE 8/28 @ Blue Note Brewing Co. in Woodland, CA
164 days ago

Emilien03: https://yout...
125 days ago

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Permalink Announcement Of Surf Guitar 101 convention 2022, Sun July 31, Links for website, fb event, and Flyer added

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Hi Tina, Thanks.
I only downloaded the audio for all the bands.
All sounds good.
Busy today, didn't check if others uploaded anything.

Sh**sville , oh no !

DaveF wrote:

Sh**sville , oh no ! to better places these days.
Maybe MidwestSurfGuy will have the goods!

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

Last edited: Aug 01, 2022 14:57:57

DaveF wrote:


Thank you, Dave, for the documentation. That was a great JONPAUL 101 convention. It's easier to list the bands that he doesn't play in, a total Superhuman.

Last edited: Aug 01, 2022 15:42:30

Some videos are trickling in...

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Dave F. As has been said, thanks for these great photos! It means a lot to us in far away places to see these great bands in action.

SandBug, you beat me to that keen observation. JonPaul can sit in with ANY surf band and it works as if he had always been a member! Scary talented!


THANK YOU JEFF. Amazing show. The bands were great, the food was really great, it was really great to have this show back. I missed the first one, but I've been to everyone since. They've all been great. Thanks again for all your hard work. Hopefully enough people showed up so there can be a 2023 show.

Brian wrote:

Some videos are trickling in...

NICE! Always loved this Ghouls classic, and Coffin Nails too!

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

Thanks for the pics and video. Danny was in good shape. Smile

Another video from Tien: the Scimitars!

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Tien's got a lot of videos here:

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Man! What a great time this weekend. My enduring gratitude to everyone involved in making it happen. Cheers

Danny Snyder

Latest project - Now That's What I Call SURF
"With great reverb comes great responsibility" - Uncle Leo

I'm back playing keys and guitar with Combo Tezeta

It was a tremendous 3 day festival for me. I was able to meet several of my Facebook friends during the three shows and talk surf "in real life"!

I'll be leaving Wednesday morning so I'll try to make the Sheverb show in Hollywood.

Gellert (my first name)

Guitarist for The Fintastics

Also some videos on FB.
I’ve shared the few that I saw.
I wish they were viewable here.


Wheeeeew! What a weekend, what a workout lugging gear,
What a show/shows.

First of all I’d like to Thank the bands for playing. If it was not for them, the event wouldn’t be. Huge Thanks go out to Ran Mosessco and Jonpaul for the use of their amps. Thanks to Dusty Watson for the Drums. Thanks to Ran and Matt Q for all the set up and break down of amps and mics n PA. Also huge thanks to Marie King and her crew for running the door,selling tix, raffle tix, and the guest list. Thank you to Michael at the American Legion Hall. Thanks to all the vendors and record labels. Especially Elliot Kendal who spread flyers all over LA and parts of OC. You da man!Thank you to Robert and crew from Roxane’s in Long Beach for coming up to Hollywood To provide food for the event. I would like to thank all of the attendees of the event. It was obviously a smaller venue and attendance,But considering the Covid resurgence and ecconomy. I knew that it would be a smaller year. But those who made it proved that there was still a want and need for it. If I missed anybody, I’m sorry and Thank you!!
And lastly to all who have reached out with condolences to me and my family after the loss of my Mom LouAnn on Friday afternoon. I have to admit that it was hard to do all of this, but I couldn’t not do it. Too many bands and fans had planned and traveled for it. So I toughed it thru and did what had to be done. And I think it helped being around so many good friends. Some said that my Mom would understand and know that I was doing what I had to do. And I was mourning and thinking of her all weekend.


Last edited: Aug 02, 2022 11:52:15

Jeff, so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. The strength you showed to put on the convention is amazing! I'll be in prayer for you and your family as you mourn her loss.


Thanks for putting on another great convention Jeff, I’m really sorry about your Mom.
I thought the new venue was great, with a really cool bar and the Poblano burger was really good. All the bands sounded great, especially the Scimitars, who I was seeing for the first time and the Richie Podolor tribute, who I’m a huge fan of thanks to Phil Dirt. It was nice meeting some of my fellow surf fanatics for the first time, I hope to see you guys soon at future shows. The tips about parking and the Burbank airport were a big help to me and appreciated.

I may start an SG101 video thread, but for now I have 2 Matt Q approved videos in the can for the Richie Podolor tribute
Here is the "The rising surf" with Matt, Marty, JonPaul & Duff

Last edited: Aug 02, 2022 12:40:10

The Scimitars had a blast performing at Surf Guitar 101 Convention , especially with the talented Jayna Manoushe joining us to add world-class bellydancing to the show.
All the bands were top notch and gave great performances!
Thanks Jeff bigtikidude for putting this event together and having us. Thanks to everyone that lent equipment and help ( Jonpaul Balak, Matt Quilter, Dusty Watson )
Special thanks to our good friend Jodie Graber who kindly offered to help sell the merch, we wouldn't have sold so many t-shirts if it wasn't for her.
Thanks to the very supportive crowd who provided great feedback (and bought merch!)
Thanks to vendors, the Roxanne's crew for the food, and, of course, the American Legion Post 43 for having us!

Here's a picture our brother Josh Lute took of the performance!


The Scimitars

Many great comments about the Scimitars Ran!


I typed up way too many words about it

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