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This topic was automatically created to discuss the news story Peter A Hood (The Atlantics) 1943 - 2021.

I'm really sad to hear this. Peter was an incredible talent and such a powerful force behind the Atlantics. When Martin came over to the states for SG101 I had the good fortune of hanging out with Lloyd (Martin's drummer) who told us a whole bunch of great stories about Peter. Peter obviously cared very much about the Atlantics and their legacy. Lloyd had some great stories about Peter making sure he could play Bombora correctly!

RIP Peter, what a legend!

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Last edited: Sep 23, 2021 19:14:50

RIP Peter!

(I posted this on Facebook a bit ago and BigTikiDude suggested I post it here, too, which I am happy to do.)

The Atlantics are a HUGE influence on me, one of my most beloved bands ever, so I wanted to post a tribute to Peter.

What an amazing, AMAZING musician he was. After I heard the terrible news I went back and listened to my two favorite Atlantics albums, "Now It's Stomping Time" and "The Explosive Sound of" and though I've heard both a million times, I am always left shaking my head in amazement and disbelief and just laughing at how good they were. I am absolutely convinced that the Atlantics were both the most technically-accomplished and creative surf band of the '60s (recognizing of course that their brand of surf music was quite different from the US version). And Peter was the engine of that mighty machine, truly a force of nature, the most exciting and powerful drummer of that era in the world, as far as I am concerned. I really don't think there was another drummer out there that could rival him in terms of the sheer FORCE of his drumming - something that became more common later in the '60s and '70s, but not so much in the early '60s, when drumming was still much more jazz-influenced, with the focus on swing and finesse and subtlety. Peter could definitely do that, too, but what he excelled at - what he pioneered, I think - was POWER and speed! He was absolutely unmatched in that regard in '63 and '64. I'm posting a track below from their '64 album "The Explosive Sound of" that I think demonstrates that pretty effectively!

The remarkable thing was that Peter wasn't just an insanely amazing drummer - he also co-wrote most of the band's hits (with guitarist Jim Skiathitis), including Bombora, The Crusher, War of the Worlds, Moon Man, and many others. And here's where it gets downright bizarre - Peter was also the one in control of the band's groundbreaking use of the two Klemt Echolette echo units which were such a huge part of the band's sound! It wasn't Jim or the other guitarist Theo Penglis, it was Peter that controlled the settings for each song and that experimented and pushed the limits of those units, including daisy-chaining them together for absolutely unprecedented echo effects, such as on War of the Worlds or S.O.S (Stomp on Stomp)! Jim once told me that they used to joke that Peter had an "intimate relationship with every echo repeat "! —

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Thanks Ivan


I'm sorry to hear of Peter's passing. And thanks to Ivan for the comments. I just checked and my Atlantics web page is still working. Many years ago, Ivan helped me put it together. I'm sure some updating would be good, but there's still some good info on the band posted there.

Rev Willis

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