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Permalink Forays into lo-fi surf arrangement: Cuban Doo-Wop Edition

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Howdy! New to this forum, and relatively new to surf guitar as well. I must have been bit by some sort of bug because now I can only hear reverb-drenched, treble-heavy music.

After noodling a few originals, I wanted to try and arrange something very much not surf, but something near and dear to my heart. It's a rocking number from the Cuban doo-wop group Los Zafiros called La Caminadora. (link to the original)

Besides not having the technical chops that a lot of you have learned, and I can't play keys with a gun to my head, the most difficult part of this process was getting a full texture out of limited equipment. I'm using a Pocket Operator for drums and an old Tascam 4 track to record, so I have to lean into the lo-fi demo sound. Maybe one day these songs will get the full band treatment!

For now I'm glad to share the bits I've been able to work on. Anybody else done some unexpected surf covers?

I almost missed this! What an original and cool ass sound you have, and it’s backed by solid songwriting. This really is right up my alley, I listen to a band called Smersh that has no surf sounds but do use a drum machine similarly, and they recorded all on cassette also. I like the other album too, a lot! That third song is really well composed and sounds great. I really really love that drum machine.
I can also say I have never heard anything like it, which is a HUGE bonus. Awesome stuff.
I have an old Tascam PortaStudio 464, Is that what you guys used?

Thanks, glad you dig it! Haven't heard Smersh but I see that Dark Entries has rereleased some of them so it's bound to be killer. I'm using the Tascam DP-004, so it's digital, not actual tape (for now...)

Well hot damn dude, you got a great analog feel to it!

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