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Permalink Please vote Link Wray in to the RnR Hall of Fame!

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OzReverb wrote:

If it wasn't for 3 on the bottom of the list, with the exception of Nina Simone the others would look and sound drastically different or not exist at all.

I don't think so. The really great artists on this list all found something within themselves that contributed to what they were able to produce in their career. Kate Bush isn't going to write Army Dreamers without the MC5 or Link Wray? Highly unlikely.

We love Link Wray. We love the MC5 Link Wray was great. The MC5 are great. They are influential artists. They are important artists.

image (my band) (my photography)

celebrity culture. Are the MC5 or Link more or less important or significant than Kate Bush? Is that what this is about? Maybe whoever sold the most records or was the wealthiest? Don't know what the point is at all.

Vince_Ray wrote:

Don't know what the point is at all.

Exploit of iconic talent names in collaboration with the big media companies, in order to maximize profitability, by way of exposure and ad revenue. RTFM Decision making to be done by accountants, lawyers and marketing teams. May seem random to you, not to them.

The machine is on it's last gears, and it's death convulsions are disgusting, as was it's life.
Enough big rockstars have already expressed their resent publicly towards this magazine-top10-era now irrelevant 'institution' and their shenanigans. It's all dying anyway, at these very moments. Bye bye!

Sincerely though, if YOUR OWN (anyone here) name would have been fantastically nominated, would that 'soften' your attitude, just a bit?

Stay alive, with MC5! (Lemmy, Ace of Spades, Link; get it?)

Though Rob Tyner was just the best, what a voice, and the sincerity, and love. Chilling.

Last edited: Oct 08, 2017 15:04:15

Vince_Ray wrote:

celebrity culture. Are the MC5 or Link more or less important or significant than Kate Bush? Is that what this is about? Maybe whoever sold the most records or was the wealthiest? Don't know what the point is at all.

Nope. But this isn't about Kate Bush either. She's been eligible for a long time and likely won't get in herself, same boat as the MC5 and Link. Granted I never would expect Kate in a 'Rock and Roll' hall of fame.

I only know it isn't based off the art/quality of the music.

I'm going to go and listen to Magic Sam play Lookin Good. That usually helps

Ok you all made good points. But I voted anyway for Link. And on the same day (I'm not a believer in karma or stuff like that) I finaly got my collection of top 3 signature guitars by my alltime heroes together. I allready have a Joe Strummer Tele and a Wayne Kramer (MC5) strat. That day I found a great deal on a Eastwood Link Wray tribute guitar at the Thomann website. It was a B-stock (return) with original case for just over 500 Euro's! So almost half of the price when they just came out.
I'm only missing the 'Rumble' guitar strap, and now my dog is a bit disapointed. Since I named him Rumble after... you guessed it!

Vince, you did a great job on the art work for this guitar!

This afternoon I put a Bigsby on it I had on a tele that I don't use anymore... so start cursing me for that! But is sounds so much better with it!

Here's a pic:

image (my band) (my photography)

Last edited: Oct 11, 2017 10:11:13

That's great to see the tribute guitar, I'm glad it's found a good home! Thanks for the compliments about the artwork too. I was really honoured when the Wray family gave it their support and now all the kids have one.

No problem with the bigsby, it seems to look just right there and has made me think I should do the same. I also have a plain model for tinkering with....currently has gfs surf 90s and it sounds and plays great.

How's the MC5 strat? All Stars and Stripes I guess? Would love to see that

Voting for Link is a positive move of course, it's good to hear something positive here

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