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MamaGrass: The Bloat Floaters rock!
230 days ago

MamaGrass: TOMORROW, Saturday 8/13! Come on out to one of the raddest venues Winters Tavern, and watch The Bloat Floaters kick out the jams!
223 days ago

MamaGrass: Surf Monster and The Bloat Floaters LIVE 8/28 @ Blue Note Brewing Co. in Woodland, CA
217 days ago

Emilien03: https://yout...
177 days ago

TheBabalooneys: Can’t wait for Surfer Joe Summer festival 2023!
44 days ago

DannySnyder: Someone glued my deck of cards together, and I don't know how to deal with it.
37 days ago

Pirecords: Pi records
29 days ago

Pirecords: Pi records
29 days ago

Pirecords: Craig skelly
29 days ago

Clint: Attention: If your band has a music video or you know of a surf music video, please pass it along and I’ll add it to my YouTube channel: Thanks!
24 days ago

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This topic was automatically created to discuss the news story The Ventures and The Surfaris Live.

This is fabulous! I wish I could be there. Have a wonderful time.

This is Noel. Reverb's at maximum an' I'm givin' 'er all she's got.




Happy Sunsets!

This may necessitate a road trip...


3 Days Of Waves Tour Dates! Tickets Available Now!
6/15 San Diego County Fair - San Diego, CA
6/16 Don The Beachcomber - Huntington Beach, CA
6/17 Casa Escobar (at The Malibu Inn) - Malibu, CA

Deven Berryhill

Great review of the show with The Surfaris and The Ventures at Don The Beachcomber on June 16th 2017 in the Sun News. Review correction* Gerry McGee did not perform at this show. Bob Spalding played lead guitar, Ian Spalding played rhythm guitar, Lucas Griffin played bass and Leon Taylor played drums.


Deven Berryhill

Last edited: Jul 07, 2017 10:31:09

They also said Dow Wilson played.
I saw a half joking post or article that said in situations like this where the entire roster has been changed out that a band really should label itself as a tribute band to the original, which is weird of course as they carry the same name. You do see the point though. How many people read that even Don and Gerry are still playing and go to these shows and say, "Well surprise, now there is no one I came to see...I feel dumb going to the box office asking for a refund though." No doubt the show is great and worth a ticket though. I think of the Ventures as branding anyway and not a singular unit. I mean, my favorite Ventures tune to play might just be The Intruder and that's actually Billy Strange playing it on the album (and he also wrote it) during those years when they all did not travel back to record their own parts.
Anyway, you can see how reporters would get it wrong. You can't expect them to keep up on it like a fan would.

Jetpack wrote:

I saw a half joking post or article that said in situations like this where the entire roster has been changed out that a band really should label itself as a tribute band to the original.....

Point well taken Jetpack. When I heard the Ventures were going to be at DBC I was excited and had plans to get a pair of tickets when in the interim on an unrelated matter I had a scheduled meeting with a fellow attorney who focuses on the music industry.

after the meeting when I briefly mentioned whether he was planing on getting tickets he reminded me that with the retirement of Don Wilson, the Ventures were left with no original members. When he related only Bob Berryhill was left from the Surfaris, I decided if I want to see a clone band[s], I'll just wait until August and go listen to Norman copy Dale, or Pongracic mimic Messina, both by the way which give/gave very accurate representations of the actual performers, plus have the opportunity to catch several other acts at the SGC.

I am not bashing clone bands, but as an attorney I think the public should be informed when a clone band is appearing, or a band using the stage name of a recognized band, but no original members are part of the act In the surf genre, one member (except Dale) does not make the band; every band member contributes to its sound and success.

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