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TheAmpFibian: People are always shocked to find out how bad of an electrician I am.
171 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day HBSM Jam 2012 was during my tenure. OMG do I miss those days but nowadays I couldn't handle it. No
154 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day OMG how I loved The Torquays and miss them very much. Yes
137 days ago

simoncoil: FWIW my guess for the ending of GoT was a surprising "Invasion fo the Dragonmen" (Hey-ho, hey-ho ...)
120 days ago

Surf_Skater: Congratulations JonPaul and Marie!
87 days ago

tubeswell: Anyone in Cali affected by the quakes?
73 days ago

Scrane255: Marty smith was my Uncle! Would like to see pictures of the nobles band
67 days ago

josheboy: Convention in 1 week!!
53 days ago

bigtikidude: 4 days and counting. Who's coming?
50 days ago

dragonfly: Has anyone heard the new Ford commercial with Dick Dale's Misirlou in the background? I have and it's awesome but too bad they waited till DD passed away. Long live the King!.
38 days ago

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">> You sounded great in Akron! Can't believe I forgot to bring the GoPro <<"

At least you remembered all the important stuff! There are so many things to remember. Power cords, speaker cables, picks, etc., etc. Might be a good topic for a new thread ...

To follow up on this thread I now own Toms complete setup he described in this threat. Tom wanted and found a vibrolux and wanted to find a new home for the Quilter and D130 cab. I needed a lighter rig for gigs and a Quilter to combine in my duel surfy bear rig. A match made in heaven! I would like to formally give Tom thanks for a great deal on this setup including the eq pedal! Tom is a first class surfer and I couldn't be happier with this rig! I spent several hours matching the tone of the quilter with the eq in the loop to my blackface bandmaster and I got it close setting the gain at 2:30 and the limiter at 2:30 and the eq heavily scooped. I never could get the sounds the same but the Quilter sounds great. I next went to the 1970 Twin which is setup about 5ft left of the Quilter rig and the combined tone of the two was incredible! Just a fantastically rich combination of tone! The Twin being bright and snappy and the Quilter a bit darker and richer. Love that stereo image!

The Kahuna Kings

Too cool, Dave! Can't wait to see (and hear!) the Kahuna Kings! Hopefully we can make it to Jilly's Music Room in Akron on January 20 when Kahuna Kings play with the Beyonderers. Nothing like a huge dose of surf and reverb to chase those winter blues away! Glad that the Pro Block and JBL cab went to such a good home!

Thanks again Tom! Hopefully you and Cambreezy can make it down for The Beyonderers version of smash and thrash surf and our big wave reverb drenched crash surf. I'll keep tweaking the Quilter!!!

The Kahuna Kings

After running very hard and loud in band practice last night I found heaven in a stereo signal split out of my El Cap going to the Twin and The quilter. This was sonic bliss. A mid scoop snap coming from the twin and the quilter through the JBL feeding some lush warm bottom end and punching through on top. It was our loudest practice but we all enjoyed it!

The Kahuna Kings

stratdancer wrote:

After running very hard and loud in band practice last night I found heaven in a stereo signal split out of my El Cap going to the Twin and The quilter. This was sonic bliss. A mid scoop snap coming from the twin and the quilter through the JBL feeding some lush warm bottom end and punching through on top. It was our loudest practice but we all enjoyed it!

Ahh, so that was the big sound in the vid. Sweet!

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

DISCLAIMER: The above is opinion/suggestion only & should not be used for mission planning/navigation, tweaking of instruments, beverage selection, or wardrobe choices.

Sounded kick ass in the video!


Ha! We were playing fairly well last in practice (maybe a few to many beers though) and I wanted to get a vid in but man it was so loud the tiny little mic in my camera couldn't keep up. I was really disappointed with the sound on video but in the room it was very rich!

I would like to thank Tom from Surfer Rex again for a really nice deal. I hope he's digging his vibrolux also!

The Kahuna Kings

Last edited: Dec 24, 2016 14:24:17

Hey guys, my Quilter Tone Block 202 just arrived! I will bring it to band practice tomorrow night to hear how it sounds. If anyone hasn't checked out the specs on one yet, you really should.

I am so glad Pat went to a traditional EQ, I wasn't a fan of the way it was before. I am thinking that the 202 paired with my 4 Ohm Swamp Thang, you will be able to hear me a couple of miles away! Laughing

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Just need to vent for a minute... Overall, band practice last night sucked, let me explain why. The guys were great, we sounded awesome! I brought my new Quilter Tone Block 202 and paired it with my custom 4 ohm Swamp Thang, and the tone was amazing!

Seriously, the amp really impressed me. I had it on the vintage setting, with the limiter around 3.5. Here is the part that sucked...

I swear I hit that record button on my iPhone, but when practice was over, I had nothing. Not one second of the practice got recorded. I was,**** and still am very frustrated. I even had my new Shure MV88 mic hooked up for professional sound.

Next, the Quilter blew my speaker! Seriously, when I was playing Misirlou, toward the end of the song my Swamp Thang got fried. I had the volume about 3/4 up on the amp head. I am not going to wait 2 more months to have a custom 4 ohm speaker built.

I am looking at an Eminence LEGEND EM12N 200 watt speaker. It is very light weight, can handle 200 watts, but unfortunately 8 Ohms. The Quilter will be fine, but I am concerned it will fry my 4 Ohm Bandmaster. I guess it is a chance I will just have to take. Any of you guys ever played a Bandmaster through an 8 Ohm cab?

Anyway, sorry for the long rant. I am open to any and all suggestions and advice. Thank you.

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Last edited: Sep 13, 2019 12:34:08

Dude that sucks! I empathize about not hitting record. Did that on an epic jam using 24-tracks for a live jam, two drum sets, theremins, synth - and forgot to hit record. And that’s especially shameful since my job is to hit record for dialog haha!

I’m also very sad to hear about the 4 ohm speaker. That sucks so hard. Just read a long thread about a defective new amp that fried a poor fellow’s rig and then the company refused any responsibility for damaging the cab. It kind of boiled my blood to read that. I hope your situation works out man. I’m also extremely curious as to what happened?

Dan Izen (nothing official yet, just some badly mixed snippets from practice)

Hi DeathTide, thanks for telling me about the time you also forgot to hit the record button. That does make me feel better. Kind of like when I lose money at the casino, I am secretly rooting for my friends to lose as well. I am a terrible person! Laughing

I just got carried away, had the master volume at 75%, the gain at 50%, and my Oceans 11 pedal cranked. It survived the entire practice until we got to Misirlou, and then it fried toward the end of the song. I could smell smoke!

I emailed Pat Quilter, and he said as well built as that speaker is, it had no chance against that amp. Oh well, I will buy the EM12N and just keep the volume 2/3 up and I should be OK. Again, I just hope my 4 Ohm Bandmaster doesn't get fried with that 8 Ohm speaker (it takes two months for Eminence to build a custom 4 Ohm speaker). Thanks again for the story about your "lost jam session."

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Painful to hear about the speaker. I moved my PB200 to run a vintage EV SRO 15 because it can handle way more power than my D130 cab just because I was afraid it might blow. Even with outdoor gigs I've never had to run more than 65 watts. I tend to run gain about half way but I have the limiter up to about 3/4's. I wonder if the limiter could have saved the speaker.

On a different note, someday think about putting a Mercury Magnetics Bassman transformer in the bandmaster with a multi tap so you can run at 8ohms or 4ohms. They aren't that expensive.

The Kahuna Kings

Strat, that is a great idea about a Mercury Magnetics Bassman transformer. I will order one today, and have my amp tech install it (I am overly concerned about getting electrocuted, don't even like to swap cabs). There are a ton of choices on their website, could you please link me to the one you would recommend?

Also, is it an output transformer, or a power transformer? I have a '65 Fender Bandmaster, below is a link to photos of it if you need more specifics. I am concerned it won't fit properly. Thank you for the recommendation!

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Last edited: Sep 16, 2019 09:40:47

Actually, I used the Classic Tone transformer. Less than half the price.

The Kahuna Kings

I don't think a 4 ohm Bandmaster will get fried by using an 8 ohm speaker. There may be a tad less volume, but that may not be very noticeable. The only component possibly at risk is the output transformer, but those were built very well back then, and many still are. And the difference between 4 and 8 ohms should not stress them greatly, unless they are already about to go bad. Mercury makes excellent (and expensive) transformers. But unless money is no object I would stick with the one you've got. I play my 1960 Bassman head through 4 ohms all the time, even though it was made for 8 ohms, which is theoretically worse than your situation. I wouldn't stress about it. You can call the guys at Mercury and ask them what they think, but listen very carefully to what they say - I doubt they will tell you straight out that doubling the speaker impedance will harm your amp, even while they may try to sell you a new transformer. Not sure of the pricing differences, but Hammond makes world-class transformers too, and may be less expensive.

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