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Permalink 9th annual Surf Guitar 101 Convention! Sat. August 13th 12pm to 12am, info for SG101 BBQ on page 11

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In an unbelievable weekend of hanging out with old friends, making new ones, meeting legends, international intrigue, great food, beautiful weather and so much great live music, the absolute highlight for me was paying tribute to Paul Johnson by performing his song "Bedlam" for him. Thanks for so much great music Paul! The fact that you are also one of the nicest guys on the planet is a bonus.

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That was a great moment, Ferenc. Really glad I got to witness that in person!

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bigtikidude wrote:

2 things about next year,
10th annual convention.

First, tiki oasis is moving forward a week,
So I will move forward a week.
So plan for August 4th 5th 6th weekend.

Second, the Convention will be 2 nights!
And probably 6 international bands!

Hi Jeff are the details above still looking likely for the 2017 festival as I am thinking of making the trek over from Australia and need to book in time off with work. Cheers keep up the good work Cool

beachbreak a.k.a Sean Cool
Turn up the Reverb!!

Last edited: Nov 28, 2016 19:32:27

Hello Sean,
Yes dates are still the same.


sorry Jeff should have included this question too, same venue as this year?
Thanks in advance, Sean

beachbreak a.k.a Sean Cool
Turn up the Reverb!!

Yes, Alpine Village in Torrence.


Time to make the 2017 tenth annual event a separate topic/thread?

Happy Sunsets!

Yes, soon.


JONPAUL wrote:

For those coming from out of town...regarding where to stay, here a few local veteran thoughts:

All of the shows are quite spread out across the greater LA area, so it really doesn't matter where you stay. You're going to need a car to get around regardless. So, consider what's most important to you personally--staying by the ocean, being right near the convention location, being closer to the airport to make arrival and departure easier, etc. Also remember that the convention goes until midnight this year, so staying nearby is probably more of a consideration. If you look at the map, several of the main gigs are almost in a straight line: Purple Orchid--Alpine Village--HB Pier, with Long Beach resting somewhat in the middle.

I hate to say it, but Don's Turf Motel is actually totally off this path, out of the way. It's just not practical this time around. One of the most fun things to do during the weekend is to socialize after hours back at the hotel, as long as everyone's staying at the same place. I would recommend that everyone coming from out of town that want this experience and to get the most out of hanging with the SG101 family, all communicate and agree on one place.

Looking at places in close proximity to Alpine Village...
1. Cali-Inn, Carson: 1 Star, $94
2. Holiday Inn, Los Angeles Gateway: 3 Stars, $158
3. Redac Gateway Hotel, Torrance: 2 Stars, $150
4. Miyako Hybrid Hotel, Torrance: 3 Stars, $137
5. Motel 6, Carson: 2 Stars, $91
6. Double Tree Hilton, Carson: 3 Stars, $229
7. Extended Stay America, LA: 2 Stars, $108
8. Travelodge Inn And Suites, Gardena: 2 Stars, $85
9. Courtyard Marriot, LA: 3 Stars, $169
10. Super 8 Torrance, LA Airport Area: 2 Stars, $64
11. Travelodge Torrance, Redondo Beach: 2 Stars, $95
12. Courtyard Marriot LA: 3 Stars, $169

As you can see, there's a bit of everything, quality and price-wise. Keep in mind, the farthest of the above is still within a 10 min. car ride.

FWIW, if I had to decide, I would stay at the Super 8 Torrance LAX Airport Area on Sepulveda (2360 Sepulveda Blvd., Torrance 310-534-4900) because it's super cheap, simple, close by and actually offers quite a few amenities for the dough: breakfast, wi-fi, parking. Oh, and it's AAA rated, if that's important to you. It also looks like there are several places quite close to eat/drink: a Japanese Curry House, Starbucks, a bakery, a Korean BBQ, a Mexican joint, and even a 7-Eleven.

I've never stepped foot in this place, so don't hold it against me if it's a dump, but it sounds like a really good option.

9 mins to Alpine Village
20 mins to Purple Orchid
42 mins to Huntington Beach Pier
33 mins to Surf Dogs

Hope this helps a bit. Cheers

Bump for people looking for motels for 2017 convention


I stayed in the Miyako Hybrid hotel. I was pretty pleased with it, though I barely spent any time there. Good food, super close, different hotel experience.

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Looks like a nice place will keep it in mind El Monstro Cool

ElMonstroPorFavor wrote:

I stayed in the Miyako Hybrid hotel. I was pretty pleased with it, though I barely spent any time there. Good food, super close, different hotel experience.

beachbreak a.k.a Sean Cool
Turn up the Reverb!!

Pics from last years SG101 Con. In Tiki Magazine



i've stayed at the super8 LAX several times. it's not bad but it is noisy.

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