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That was a lot of fun, Jeff! Great show.

This is Noel. Reverb's at maximum an' I'm givin' 'er all she's got.

thanks Noel, this is a lot of fun for me too.
Finally able to share my collection with people.


Jeff, I caught the last 15 minutes or so of your show last night (just missed the Cossacks, darn it!), and I was REALLY blown away! You, my friend, are a radio NATURAL! Your big booming voice already gives you an edge, but you seemed to have an easy, relaxed and engaging manner that's pretty astonishing for this being only your second show! Very impressive! I look forward to your future shows! (And of course, your music choices are phenomenal!)

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Wow thanks Ivan.
To be honest I'm still a bit on edge. Hoping to get more comfortable soon.
Of course I have to Thank Clint Beachwood, Whorehay,Jonpaul and cousin Mary for letting me be on their shows in the past. I'm sure that has helped with being a little more at ease with this show.
Thanks for the compliments on the music picks.
I just like a wide array of surf n instro. Luvkily most people like it too.


I assume because of the time change, and that we are waiting to change till later. All the shows on NSSR today are 1 hour behind for us in the USA.

Tube City will be on at 1 pm pacific time instead of Noon.


good taste ;)

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

Tube City, show #3 week 43

1 Tube City - The Trashmen - Best of
2 Dragstrip Night - The Tormentos - Go! split cd with Phantom Surfers
3 Tellurion - Threesome - V/A Monsters Of Surf

4 Mozzarella Sunrise - Ralf Kilauea & Lorenzo - Fenderoni Diavolo
5 El Toro - The Surfmen - Birth of Surf Vol. 1
6 Surf Nazi Clambake - Spies Who Surf - Calling All Martians

7 Outsider - Slacktone - Warning Reverb Instrumentals
8 War Of the Satelites - Sir Finks - V/A Swingin' Creepers Ventures trib.
9 Stampede - The Scarlets - V/A Birth of Surf Vol. 2

10 Vampiro - Satan's Pilgrims - Plymouth Rock- best of
11 Memories of Madrid - The Sandblasters - V/A Surfin' Señorita
12 South of the Border - Pollo Del Mar - V/A Surfin Señorita

13 Black Velvet - The Panteras - unreleased song
14 Enchanted - The Pagents - V/A Birth of Surf Vol. 2
15 Black Eyed Surfer - The Overtones - V/A Search for Atlantis

16 Latin Soul - The Original Surfaris - Bombora (best of)
17 Harlem Nocturne - Messer Chups - Church Of Reverb
18 Unknown - The Mermen - Live at the Haunted House

19 Touch of Evil - Man or Astroman - V/A Shots in the Dark Mancini trib.
20 Mr. Yonioshi - Insect Surfers - same cd
21 Arabesque - The Huntington Cads - same cd

22 outro- Martini 50 Blue Hawaiians - Sway


Last edited: Oct 26, 2014 15:59:04

I hope everybody tunes into these Halloween specials and countdowns as much as possible.
As an incentive I have included a very rare collectable spooky song in my set. I bet most people won't have heard it, let alone own it.
My set will be 11 am and 11pm pacific time.
Followed by Jonpaul doing the 66 countdown


Last edited: Oct 30, 2014 16:31:41

will play again tonight(friday) at 11 pm pacific time,
and I think on the weekend too.

Personal Top 13 (played from in reverse order, from #13 to #1)
1. Vampiro - Satan’s Pilgrims - Creature Feature
2. Banshee Beach - The Ghastly Ones - All Plastic Assembly Kit
3. Night of the Ghouls - The Dynotones - Beach Party a go go
4. Tiki Curse - The Verbtones - Rock Me Out
5. Creep Course - Gein and the Graverobbers
6. Cheatin Charlie - Golden Zombies - The 24 Kilate Sound
7. Invasion of the V people - The Varatones
8. Underworld - Planet Seven - The Tomorrow That Never Was
9. Demon Surf - The Mariners - Demon Surf
10. Monster Surfing Time - The Deadly Ones - Monster Surfing Time
11. Dr. Guillotine - The Coffin Daggers -self titled
12. Black Sabbath - Thee Swank Bastards - Black Sabbath tribute cd
13. Zombie Harem - Daikaiju - Phase 2

extra songs
La Caja Del Muerto - Barbwires - Searider
Lucifer Sam’s Surf - Shockwave - Deathrace
Cannibal Girls - The Body Snatchers - Calling All Creeps
Monsters From The ID - Jonny and the Shamen - Operation Twang
SPECTRE Girl - Jonny and the Shamen - Operation Twang

special bonus song
Sponge Bob Scaredy Pants - The Ghastly Ones - Songs from Sponge Bob Square Pants


If you missed my Halloween show, it is coming on next at 2pm pacific time
sat. nov. 1st. as a REPLAY


Thanks for those that listened to my Top classic surf picks,
If you expierenced the signal dropping out, and want to hear it again.
Please tune in this coming thursday at 6pm pacific time.

Here is what I played
15 Tube City - The Trashmen
14 Earthquake - Aki Aleong and the Nobles
13 Gypsy Surfer - The Avantis
12 Samoa - The Beachcombers
11 Unknown - The Vydells
10 Bangalore - The Blazers
9 Banzai Washout - The Catalinas
8 Bullwinkle pt. 2 - The Centurions
7 Let There Be Surf - The Chevels
6 Monsoon - The Chantays
5 Movin' - The Astronauts
4 El Gato - The Chandells
3 Crash - The Creations
2 Misirlou (live) - Bobby Fuller Four
1 The Victor - Dick Dale

extra songs
16 Jezebel - The Illusions
17 Yang Bu - Jim Messina
18 Surfari - The Original Surfaris
19 El Toro - The Surfmen
20 Mr.X - The Velvetones
21 Baggies - The Bel Aires
22 Pintor - The Pharos


Explain the "signal dropping out". Was this something that affected other NSSR shows that weekend as well? Just wondering.

Clint Beachwood's Top 15 show on Saturday on 11/08, for instance, had numerous dead air dropouts during his first half hour that seemed at first like "buffering dead air" spots. But buffering with iTunes usually results in streaming stopping with a dialog box that needs to be manually closed and the stream restarted. But that didn't happen with Clint's show as I recorded it for the full hour away from the computer with all the dropouts and overlapping songs. Maybe it was just the internet connection on my end? I dunno.

During my show Saturday there was also loss of signal (from a PC). They told me friends of Spain, Argentina and Italy. However if you were listening through iTunes sounded good.

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

I believe in another thread Niels said that there was service provider issues. Hopefully all is fine now and the replays will air unaffected.


Last edited: Nov 12, 2014 15:16:39

Mike from Green Cookie records on now,
Then my replay is on after.


on now


listening to my fellow

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

I believe all or nearly all have chosen the Bells ... and left for last "Blast Bolero"

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

thanks for listening Carlos.
For be especially seeing slacktone Live so much.
Bells of St. Kahuna is kinda like their theme song.
or the one best repesentative of their style/sound.


When I went to Italy in June I wanted to record that song and Mysterioso. In the end I recorded half show. And I enjoyed the other half live.
Now I can enjoy what I recorded 33 minutes total. It's my favorite band (and live Daikaiju)

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

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