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Floyd: Tremolo
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bigtikidude: Who’s coming to SG101?
205 days ago

Jojobaplant: Second Magnatech album on Sharawaji in a few weeks on CD and Vinyl!
192 days ago

jimbones: New stuff coming from the Men in Gray Suits REALLY SOON!
189 days ago

midwestsurfguy: Looking forward to SG102 2022
182 days ago

bigtikidude: Thanks for coming Guy!
147 days ago

MamaGrass: The Bloat Floaters rock!
127 days ago

MamaGrass: TOMORROW, Saturday 8/13! Come on out to one of the raddest venues Winters Tavern, and watch The Bloat Floaters kick out the jams!
119 days ago

MamaGrass: Surf Monster and The Bloat Floaters LIVE 8/28 @ Blue Note Brewing Co. in Woodland, CA
113 days ago

Emilien03: https://yout...
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Today I can listen!


this last, dark, like

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

Tube City show number 2, (week 42)

1 Tube City - The Trashmen - Tube City,best of....
2 El Augila(the Eagle)- The Astronauts - Movin' The Best of the instros
3 Unknown - The Vydels - V/A The Birth Of Surf,

4 Southsider - The Sand Devils - Self titled cd
5 Modified - The Dynotones - Beach Party a Go Go
6 Ebola - The Treblemakers - Treblemakers vs. the Doomsday Device

7 Border Town - Eddie and the Showmen - Squad Car cd
8 Backsider - The Fathoms - Fathomless
9 Lava Flow - The Tiki Tones - Idol Pleasures

10 Untitled(hidden track) - The Thunderchiefs - Dig
11 El Charo - The Trabants - Cinematic
12 Deguello - The Huntington Cads - Go Exotic

13 Bitter Sweet Samba - The Space Cossacks - V/A Surfin Señorita(herb trib)
14 Third Man Theme - The Slackmates - same cd as above
15 Surfin' Senorita - The Insect Surfers - same cd as above

16 Inertia - The Hustlers - V/A Surfin' Instrumentals
17 Nervous on Neptune - The Aqua Velvets - Nomad
18 The Endless Summer - Ape - Jungle Jems

19 Baia - The Bambi Molesters - Sonic Bullets,13 from the Hip
20 Charade - The Blue Hawaiians - Sway
21 For a Fistfull of Dollars - Dave Wronski - V/A For a few Guitars More
(tribute to Morricone)


Last edited: Oct 19, 2014 16:05:03


Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

I had a feeling you would Dig Inertia.
Thanks for listening Carlos.


great show Jeff, I love the music of Dave Wronski

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

Thanks Carlos, yes I think Most of us Love Daves playing.



Last edited: Mar 01, 2020 10:57:46

Wow, now that is awesome comment.
reminds me of the winter surf fest when The Bassman 135 I bought from Tavo decided to die halfway thru the Secret Samurai set, and sparks and afoul smelling smoke show out the back of the amp. Luckily Matt Quilter had brought his blackface Dual showman as a back up amp.



Last edited: Mar 01, 2020 10:56:40

Well I had the amp completely fixed, and found out there was some bad fixes in its history. So now its sounds awesome. More balls and headroom than the dual showman for bass. In my opinion.

thanks for listening to the show.


Last edited: Oct 19, 2014 16:30:56

Another great show Jeff, and thanks for the air play!

The Scimitars

Jeff, can you please post the cover and tracklist of the album where "Inertia" appears?

When you have to shoot ... shoot! Don't talk.
"Los Grainders"
"Planeta Reverb"

I'll try tomorrow, but I'm having trouble trying to upload pics lately.
I think I need to update my phone.


Julio Emilio, es en esta compilación. Tuvimos buen feeling Jeff y yo y los incluimos sin saberlo en ambos programas.
Es de ACE, sello inglés:
Various ‎– It Came From The Beach: Surf, Drag & Rockin' Instros From Downey Records

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

Yeah that is probably a better place to get that song.
as Ace records is really good at getting the original recordings for their releases. I don't know the source or quality of the cd i got the song from.


inside booklet indicates:

24 INERTIA - THE HUSTLERS (Grant Baker)Dunhill Music Co (1988)

Carlos Yela
Surf Music Madrid FB
La Ola Perfecta
Surf Music Madrid site

I meant to say that the source tape is probably better for the Ace records comp. than the comp. I played it from.


For anybody that missed my 2nd show,
It's on right now.


Great! Thanks. I have it on.

This is Noel. Reverb's at maximum an' I'm givin' 'er all she's got.

Last edited: Oct 23, 2014 20:13:56

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