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Permalink Arizona surf scene?

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Remember "Tom Swifties"?

"I <3 Tom Swifties!" typed Josheboy lovingly. ROTFL

As for the Tucson surf scene, the only reverb I ever heard there was Calexico back in their earlier days. Although Arizona is far from the beach (in both miles and motif), that town is so perfect for the spaghetti western sound, I'm surprised there aren't a more Tucson bands with that sound.

"I <3 Tom Swifties!" typed Josheboy lovingly. ROTFL

"Foolishly he suggested there might be a marginal connection between Tonto riding the Rim and surf."

Not sure if that's two at once or just two bad puns, but I see your graphic instance of the genre and raise you two at once, and bilingual, too. Ha!

I know this thread is ancient, but just wanted to chime in that we are from Arizona!

Tucson actually is a fairly fertile place for surf and surf + spaghetti western influenced music.

We work some Surf into our Classic Rock show and always get a good response.

I've tried to get gigs in both Flag and Tucson, but the feeling I get from them is "keep out the infidels".

It's good to know that my goons are doing their job. Smile Seriously, we are finding plenty of gigs down here in the "Old Pueblo" but you won't get rich.

The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.

Do they still have the wave pool 'Big Surf' in Tempe?
I recall an article about it in a '60s surf mag...and even went there in the '70s.

Big Surf is still around...they still let bodyboards and Surfers have a 30 min sesh...seperated of course...whatup from Tempe

Fender Twin Reverb-Amp ('65 reissue)
2003 MIM Stratocaster/1998 Ibanez RG7620

Dusty from Slacktone and the guy who runs "The Hut" are working on putting on a show in Tuscon on the last weekend of August I believe.

I maybe DJing at it.

hope to see some of you sand covered surfers at that show.


Jeff last I heard we are going to play that one also. I hope you get the chance to get out here.


Im in a surf/instrumental group in Tucson called Two Lane Blacktop. We would love to get in on this billing. Who do we contact? Ive tried the booking Agent at The Hut several times with no reply. I would love to get to meet and play with you guys. Bob

Hey, Bob! I remember you from my Gretsch-playing days. I think the last time we saw one another was at a Seatsniffers show in Tucson a many years ago. How have you been?

I have a gig that might be right up your alley coming up. PM me.


Hi folks,
Another geezer guitar player here - new to the forum but a long time SG101 lurker. I'm a bandmate of Bob's, in Two Lane Blacktop, playing surf in Tucson.
We play most of the old surf standards and lots of Ventures and Los Straitjackets tunes. Our playlist is about 70 tunes. A couple of tunes we recently added are Brains & Eggs (Straitjackets) and Guitars in Orbit (Los Twang Marvels). We're working on E5 (Eliminators) and Rockula.
Anyway, surf music isn't quite dead here in southern Arizona, and I am looking forward to seeing Slacktone in August at The Hut. We have played there a couple of times, the room has good acoustics.

Hey, Paul. Got a PM from Bob. I'll get back to him after the holiday. I hope you can come out. We played on the same bill with Slacktone at the last show of last year's SG101 Convention and my mouth was agape pretty much the whole time. Some amazing talent there. I hope you can make it down to the Hut for the Tiki anniversary party to see them play. According to the Hut web site anyway, Jeff Big Tiki Dude will be DJing and my band will play that night also. It is going to be way fun.


Any surf musicians/bands around the East Valley....Chandler, Gilbert area? I'd like to see some shows and maybe get into a surf trio...I play bass and I'm a newbie to the surf band scene although I currently play in a Joan Jett Tribute band...BAD REPUTATION. =)

skatexedge: I am in a surf band. We play out frequently. My link is below in my sig.

Besides the shameless self-promotion, there are two other active surf combos: The Blue Moons and The Amazing Coconauts. The Blue Moons are the more active of the two groups at present. I think they are playing in October. I like them. I have not heard of any upcoming Coconauts gigs lined up at the moment, though I do not really follow them as closely and may be wrong about that.


Thanks for the links! I'll have to check out all three bands. =)

Yo...I live in Tempe if you feel like jammin sometime...

Fender Twin Reverb-Amp ('65 reissue)
2003 MIM Stratocaster/1998 Ibanez RG7620

Big Grin Know any drummers?

Good times at the Hut gig 2 weeks ago.
just wish more of the people that posted in this thread would have showed up.
What Happened to Syncro, Katz-Karnby, and Cherndog and Jagshark?


Last edited: Sep 08, 2011 00:33:26

@skatexedge yes sir...pretty good one too...we do some wild stuff...I sent you a P.M.

Fender Twin Reverb-Amp ('65 reissue)
2003 MIM Stratocaster/1998 Ibanez RG7620

Yea the Blue Moons are awesome and so are the Surfside IV, not many surf bands out in 'zona but the ones that are here sure do kick ass

Are the Badabings still playing?

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