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I have just relocated to Tucson Arizona. I know Arizona isn't the mecca of the surf guitar world, but is there anybody else out here who plays and enjoys surf? An internet search didn't turn up a whole lot.

I know a dude out that way who plays pure-one-man-band surf guitar outside the Guitar Center in Tucson... you should look for him...


Something you might try, is to check out the most popular music store in the city and chat with the dudes in the guitar department. They usually know what's going on in the city music wise and many times know who the players are. The store might even have a bulletin board where you can pin a card indicating your desire to hook up with anyone interested in surf music. Also, the store might have a local website where you might learn of others with the surf itch. Good luck with your hunt.

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My 63 strat came with a Ziggies badge inside and a Ventures pick in the case... there has to be surf music in AZ!


A good friend of mine plays surf in Mesa. E-mail me off line and I will try and hook you up. The Swamp Coolers are out of Phoenix, if I'm not mistaken.

whoops...I meant Mesa AZ too...

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and play in a surf combo. The Del-Vamps hail from here and have recently reformed, at least in name. Not sure who else plays surf rock, maybe no one! Tucson is a mystery to me except for the Swamp Coolers.

PM me if you want to get togther. Maybe we can catch a show or something.


I cant remember where he moved to , but A guy I played with once,
has a band in Arizona called Killer Wail.
I'll try to get ahold of him.



Jeff: They are from Flagstaff.


Hey! Here's what I know about the Arizona surf scene. We, that is, The Swamp Coolers, are in the Phoenix area and are gearing up for summer. I heard the Del-Vamps have reformed, they're also from the Phoenix area. The Route 66 Killers are in Flagstaff, Killer Wail, also from Flagstaff, disbanded but they're bass player is in a blues band called Cat Black and the Prowlers, and Dean Stanton has a one-man surf show outside Guitar Center in Scottsdale on the weekends. As for Tucson, I don't know what's there.

Steve (Cherndog)

It's time to knock it off, but I can't help myself. Remember "Tom Swifties"? So, OK: "Is there an Arizona Surf scene?" he asked drily. And, of course, if you like you can substitute Colorado for Arizona and highly for drily. That would even be a double entendre of sorts, or would have been a few decades back, as in "Oh, wow, man. I am, like, highly incensed at your implication. (Who-o-a! Did you feel that?)"

Conceived and keyed in the Peoples' Repubic of Boulder.

No aspersions on the Arizona scene intended. It sounds interesting and I only regret it's outside of convenient driving range.

Of course there's a surf scene in Arizona.... haven't you guys seen "North Shore?"
Brilliant cinema! hahaha
"He's so haole, he doesn't even know he's haole!"

I'll contact you AZ cats next time I'm in PHX on biz.

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cherndog: Sorry! I thought the Swamp Coolers were from down south. I guess I need to get out more often!


I cant remember where he moved to , but A guy I played with once,
has a band in Arizona called Killer Wail.
I'll try to get ahold of him.


I'm always amazed at what a small world it is. I used to e-mail Les, Killer Wail's bass player. I saw them perform in Cottonwood, AZ. Don't know if they are still around. Their web page is gone, and their "friends link" disappeared from my MySpace page several months ago.

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I know this thread is ancient, but just wanted to chime in that we are from Arizona!

Tucson actually is a fairly fertile place for surf and surf + spaghetti western influenced music.

(defunct) Thee Jaguar Sharks

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Tucson has lots of sandy waves to speak of though. LMAO

I think the Mission Creeps are active down Tucson way, aren't they??? Not sure how surfy they are. I wasn't into surf when I lived there....sure miss Tucson though.


"You're done, once you're a surfer you're done. You're in. It's like the mob or something. You're not getting out." - Kelly Slater

The Luau Cinders

Meat Puppets are from Arizona... oh wait, they aren't surf...but they are still from Arizona! And they are awesome!!!...maybe you can work on your surf version of "Lake of Fire"? Or "Plateau"?

The perfect Arizona surf song would be called Tonto Surfs the Rim.

I think it is currently called Silver Bullet.

Flagstaff needs a surf band!

I've tried to get gigs in both Flag and Tucson, but the feeling I get from them is "keep out the infidels".

(defunct) Thee Jaguar Sharks

Plus! Other stuff not surf:
Enjoy every minute

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