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Permalink Official Announcement, 3rd SG101 Convention Sat. Aug 7th 2010

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Better bananas than .......
I won't say it.


On Saturday you'll see one big banana (me) jumping around like a fool when the legends are playing! Yes, indeed!

BOSS FINK "R.P.M." available now from DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS!

Better bananas than .......
I won't say it.

...tea bags? Shocked

On Saturday you'll see one big banana (me) jumping around like a fool when the legends are playing! Yes, indeed!

you'll be the banana in the top hat! Laughing

Indeed... Although this Saturday I'll be leaving the tophat at home and I'll be sporting my Rat Fink Hat since I'll be debuting my new band THE FINKSVILLE 5 in the jam.

BOSS FINK "R.P.M." available now from DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS!

Norm, can you please start a new thread, about the Finksville 5?
and introduce us to who is in the band.

I think people would like to know.



Okey doke... here you go, Jeff! Link to the FINKSVILLE 5...

BOSS FINK "R.P.M." available now from DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS!

thank ya Kindly sir.




E-mail I got last night from Paul Johnson,
from his mailing list.

Friends and surf music fans ‹

THIS COMING SATURDAY (August 7) at the Starting Gate in Los Alamitos: it¹s
your big chance to experience the beating heart of the worldwide surf music
movement right here in sunny So Cal! The day-long SG101 Convention is coming
to town, featuring performances by many of the top surf bands from around
the globe, plus (at 10 AM) an all-star set featuring some of the top
legendary players from the original Œ60s scene (I will be participating in
this) AND booths and exhibits hosted by a lot of these guys, offering for
viewing and/or sale lotsa CDs, posters, and valuable items of memerabilia,
along with the opportunity to just hang out and schmooze with these guys. I
will be bringing a bunch of my stuff with me, including original Œ60s demo
records and art pieces by RIck Grifin, plus lotsa my posters and newsletters
from the Œ80s revival scene.

What the heck is SG101? SG stands for ³surf guitar,² and is the
world¹s gnarliest surf music fan site. This is their third annual
convention, to which they come as a pilgrimage from all over the world for
the rare opportunity to hang out among their heroes, listen to the bands and
immerse themselves in all things surf music. And for those who just can¹t
get enough of this stuff, there are other events planned too (concerts,
etc.) for the days surrounding the convention... you can get the skinny on
ALL of this by clicking this link to the info page at :

If you count yourself as a fan, don¹t let this one go by without you! Be
sure to be there for this, the ULTIMATE surf music extravaganza, where you
can mingle with like-minded folks from around the world. And of course,
please plan to hang out with me at my booth for awhile!

Venue: The Starting Gate
5052 Katella Avenue
Los Alamitos, CA 90720-2802
(562) 598-8957
doors open at 8 am, 9am for vending room,
Show starts at 8 am
20 dollars (way-cheap for all you get!); 16 years and under free.

Thanks! I do hope to see you there ‹

  • pj

Paul Johnson
surf & rock instrumentals


Yelp it!

Radio Free Bakersfield--60 Minutes of TWANG, CRUNCH, OOMPH.

wow, were all over the place.
thanks for pointing that out Mr. Hay.

see some of ya very soon.

if you want to come to the BBQ at my place today,
thursday from 4 to 8pm
shoot me a PM or e-mail.



wishing all you SG101'ers safe trips to and from the convention and a great weekend.


big events starting tonight,
who's in town for the events?



I'll be outa here (San Diego) headin' for Don's at 4:00 PM 2-DAY!

some of us are meeting at Dons around 6 pm in the Dagger bar,
show is in the Longboard room


First post after the convention!


More later.

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea


"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

Double WOW! SG101!

Dean(aka Moondevil)

Where are the Photo's??? We broke down couldn't go!!! Crying Crying Crying

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