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If surf music had an "anthem", what would it be?

Let's Go Tripping - 1.9% (1 vote)
Mr. Moto - 0% (0 votes)
Miserlou - 25.9% (14 votes)
Walk Don't Run - 0% (0 votes)
Wipe Out - 3.7% (2 votes)
Surf Rider - 1.9% (1 vote)
Baja - 11.1% (6 votes)
Pipeline - 53.7% (29 votes)
Other (leave comment) - 1.9% (1 vote)

54 total votes.

This poll ran from July 20, 2011 to August 03, 2011.

This poll has 13 comments.


This poll is inspired by this forum thread.

Brian | 20-Jul-2011 18:10:10 | Flag

I forgot to add the SurfGuitar101 theme to the list... Big Grin

Brian | 20-Jul-2011 18:42:35 | Flag

Why can't I vote?

aqualadius | 21-Jul-2011 14:18:06 | Flag

Comment on "Pipeline...altho' the Chantays are pictured w/Fender equipment on the rear cover of "Pipeline" LP (& in the 2 Fender catalogs)...Bob Spickard told me (mid-90's phone call/"interview" for "Next Set") "Pipeline" & "Move It" were recorded with (an) Airline & Kay guitars. I believe the lead (Bob) was on the Kay & and the glissado's & E-B-G-B (Brian) was on the Airline. When the record got some play (& they went from "Downey" to "Dot") that's when the Fender equipment "arrived" & they cut the album with it. Maybe this is common knowlege (for the afficianados), but I thought I'd post it anyway.

jonfender | 21-Jul-2011 15:22:14 | Flag

Even though I voted for "Baja"; which I think is the quintessential "Surf" tune, I can't quibble with "Pipeline". "Wipe Out"- as fuggettaboutit!

elreydlp | 21-Jul-2011 18:12:58 | Flag

Aqualadius, see the link under the answers titled Vote?

Brian | 21-Jul-2011 18:26:56 | Flag

Jon, I asked Bob Spickard about recording pipeline at the convention in '09. One thing he corrected me on was that the bass was recorded with a Fender P-bass and not the Harmony H-22 you often see the bass player pictured with. And while Brian Carmen's rhythm part was recorded with a Harmony (or Kay branded?), I believe I remember Bob Saying that he was still playing a Barth at the time.

And a quick google search brings up a thread on the Mosrite forum with Deke Dickerson saying just exactly that, and if I were I'd put a lot more stock in what he says.

Richard | 21-Jul-2011 20:25:22 | Flag

Two corrections: One, Brian's last name is spelled Carman. Two, Jon is right and his rhythm part was recorded on an Airline, according to Dalley's book.

Richard | 21-Jul-2011 20:38:26 | Flag

I voted for "Wipe Out" because most of you are embarrassed by it. Big Grin

WhorehayRFB | 21-Jul-2011 23:44:08 | Flag

Surfin' USA.
See this:
I am struck by the boldness of its plagiarism. Still it surpasses the original--which is not surf. It's a guilty pleasure.

I know Misirlou. Is Miserlou the cheap knock-off?

Squid | 24-Jul-2011 12:20:06 | Flag

i voted for 'pipeline' because it's the first surf tune i remember hearing, the tune that reminds me most of surfing and it's a tune i never tire of hearing. but......i've been listening to 'latina' (not sure of the spelling) and it for me is a close second.

mom_surfing | 28-Jul-2011 21:58:09 | Flag

Pipeline, with Miserlou a close second. I love the dark, melodic quality and the almost edgy, empty sound of the original mix.

ArtS | 02-Aug-2011 15:43:46 | Flag

Okay, of course Pipeline-Miserlou-Wipeout are the heavy hitters, but had to put a vote in for Let's Go Trippin' because it was so early on, is pure, and it is raw. Plus the song opening is among the best going, which Dick Dale ably demonstrates in this June 2007 video

TuneFan | 03-Aug-2011 11:51:21 | Flag

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