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Permalink My "Tiki Office" on HGTV this Saturday, January 26

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For those of you interested in Tiki as well as surf as well as home remake shows, my wife and I are going to be featured on HGTV "Design Remix" this coming Saturday for a remake of our home office into a "Tiki Office"

This is when the action takes place
.January 26, 2008 5:30 PM ET/PT
from the HGTV website:

"Tropical Tiki Office
As avid collectors, homeowners Mel Waldorf and Jessica Lindsey have a jackpot of fun finds to use, so creating a very personalized space is easy. While incorporating bright and fun elements, host Karen McAloon and the Design Remix team give the room purpose, clear up clutter and form functioning workspaces. The result is a home office that's practical, yet playful and as tempting as a tropical tiki island."

Disclaimer: The show's director strongly encouraged us to behave like imbeciles... we were acting...really.

Meshugga Mel

I’d love to see that so much!!!

The Exotic Guitar of Kahuna Kawentzmann

You can get the boy out of the Keynes era, but you can’t get the Keynes era out of the boy.

wow..i must move to America!

The reality is that we do not wash our own laundry - it just gets dirtier.

can you record it and put it on youtube to see?

I will try to see it, but I may be out of the house.

and Cheers.
p.s. I'm wearing my Forbidden Island t-shirt now.


I watch some of those shows. In fact I'm stalling a little right now by hanging out on the forum instead of continuing to work on the floor I'm supposed to be renovating. I'll definitely be watching.

I hope you can get them to work in the name of your band during the show. A little publicity bubbee, ach. . . what could it hoit? Wink

love tiki. love home renovations a LOT.

i don't have cable, but i'll bring a six pack over to my friend's place and see if she wants to let me use her tv.


Saw the show last night... very cool. Your wife Jessica came off very professional - not at all like your disclaimer suggested. You on the other hand...:lol:

BTW - Is there a story as to how you were selected to be on HGTV? Inquiring minds (my wife's specifically) want to know.



Very nice Mel! For a Jew your a big ham!

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Damn, damn, damn!!! I forgot to watch this! I wish somebody had bumped this thread yesterday.

Mel, will it be showing again this week? I'd really like to see it.


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I saw it. Very cool!!!
Nice Meshugga Beach Party plug too.

Atomic Mosquitos
Bug music for bug people is here!
Killers from Space

That was great. It was lots of fun to watch and I think they did a really nice job for you. I love the new office look. You and your wife seemed very natural and relaxed in from of the camera--telegenic, I dare say.

i really want to see this but obviously it doesnt air in the netherlands. any chance it will turn up on the web at some point, does the program or network or whatever have a website it might show up on?

Rules to live by #314:
"When in Italy, if the menu says something's grilled, don't assume it is."

Damn I missed it too....aarghhh!

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

I'm not sure when they're replay the show, you might find it with a TiVo and a search for "Tiki". Apparently HGTV put some before and after pictures of the room up on their site:,1793,HGTV_3378_5785179,00.html

As for how to get on one of these shows, Design Remix is made by a production company based in Corte Madera, California. Jessica, my better half and promotional savant, contacted them about us and our collection of kitsch and they were intriqued enough to send over a production scout. These kinds of shows are definitely made in different parts of the US, and I'd bet in most parts of the cable-viewing world, so if you can find one that's made close by you, it can't hurt to get in touch. Keep in mind that all the shows have different themes, and some require you as the homeowner to be willing to pony up cash for supplies. We have friends who were on a landscaping show who had to pony up a few thousand dollars for supplies, but they basicly got the construction material at wholesale cost and the labor for free. Design Remix is on the cheapy side; since they supply the paint and we supplied the furniture and art, all we had to do was help out with the labor.

i'm bummed as i forgot also. please let us know if there's a rerun.

I saw it! Mel and Jessica were great. They should have their own TV show! I loved the TV mini bar.

Mel, is the room still all uncluttered?

Well, let's just say that all the junk that magically disappeared in the second half of the show has re-appeared in the room. It's less cluttered than it was but it's not exactly, well, who am I kidding, it's a mess, but it's my mess, and it's a stylish mess, with lovely chartruese walls! Hello, my name is Mel and I'm a packrat....

Man!!! I hope this shows up on youtube!


Me too. All this discussion has piqued my curiosity.

... That's right, I said piqued.

Mel...will HGTV repeat the show?

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