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From Fuse Audio Labs, the VREV-63.

I know, I know, I'm a romantic too. Nothing will replace my DIY Surfy-Bears, but I like to mess around In-The-Box for when too lazy to fire up my pedal-board and amps, or need to play at low volume through headphones or monitors.
I've tested almost every Spring Reverb VST under the sun. The best so far were:
The old Amplitube '63 (ok but harsh);
GSi Type4 (nice drip, realistic, lacks in the preamp section), the new TimeVerb-X isn't as good;
The free VeeSpringVerb (surprisingly good but not tweakable);
Overloud SpringAge (Pretty but not for our purposes necessarily);
and many others, which don't even drip to begin with, or their profile is way off, or lack dynamics, etc.

Come the new VREV-63, and it's AMAZING!
Got it all, the most realistic emulation I've yet to hear, from preamp to drip, includes the classic tweaks (tube, cap), just a pleasure to play. I Instantly dialed in Astronauts, Dick Dale... all the favorites.
Try it, 14 days free demo.
The company's other offerings are awesome as well, the F-59 Bassman amp is one of the best Fenders around, and they have a plethora of top tier vintage gear emulations.

Last edited: Feb 10, 2024 14:39:55

Saw this too, and will demo it this week.


Canadian Surf

And it’s currently on sale.
I’ll certainly check it out.

Los Fantasticos

Thanks for the heads-up! It has a "kick the reverb tank" feature so that alone is worth it to me.


Hi, I'm Gellert, guitarist for The Fintastics.

Last edited: Feb 12, 2024 22:33:55

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