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Permalink Surfin’ Sundays at the Huntington Beach Pier, Summer 2021, July18, Aug. 22, Sept. 26

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Thanks for having us (PAR AVION) on the bill again. Dusty Watson will be joining us on drums. It will be the first PAR AVION gig since we played and recorded in Mexico in March of 2020. I do not think Dusty has cut his hair since then! Remember everyone, the event starts early. In addition to tootin' my own horn about PAR AVION's early set, this is a good way to avoid the crowds. Summer on the So Cal beaches ("post pandemic") has been nuts so an early start is always smart.
This is going to be fun!

Par Avion (w/guest drummer Dusty Watson) and Perro Agradecido | Mexico/Latin America:

Homepage | Facebook
Par Avion Facebook
Par Avion Sample
Said The Ripper Facebook

Yer Welcome Bernard.

So I just woke up to a horrible feeling. I had a thought that I had to race n do 4 pools before getting to the HB pier for the show. I was in full on panic. Then I realized I didn’t. Phew!!


bigtikidude wrote:

Rev, when you show up, come talk to me, I’ll show you the secret bathroom not many know about.

I really hope i don't see you wading into the ocean hand in hand, because it's a Baby Ruth free zone.

Last edited: Jul 18, 2021 11:22:43

Waiting for the report. Smile

My report will mostly be about Slacktone since they rule and that's who i went to see so I got there a bit late. It was only fitting for this to be my first show to attend since the shutdown, because the last show i saw before the pandemic was actually Slacktone at the Pier! I regret not getting there earlier to see Pollo Del Mar though.

Terrible parking. Many hot chicks, seemed like more than usual. The ocean breeze was carrying the mingling scents of fried food, marijuana, and sun block lotion. At the end of the show the guy that was in charge of the merch tent sprayed WD40 on the retractable legs of the tent and it wafted over the whole crowd, i saw him doing it and then watched the expressions of confusion travel along the crowd as the wind distributed the noxious fumes. I found it funny. It was a seriously beautiful day. Two things bothered me though, the bassists were using their fingers instead of picks, i just don't like that sound, but who care's, that's just my opinion. And there was an annoying sun burnt old fart dancing around right up in front of people in the crowd, so creepy, it took a lot of my self-control to not just push the guy away. Occasionally in between songs he was yelling stuff about the pandemic and Fauci. I really don't care who anyone supports, I'm there to relax and enjoy bands playing surf music, not some hear some entitled piece of burnt toast spew political vomit, gotta say that was a buzzkill for me.

I arrived to the pier at the beginning of the set by The Deweys, they were very pleasant to listen to, Armin was playing a beautiful old Fiesta Red Jaguar into an original Fender Silverface Deluxe Reverb with what looked to be a reissue tank, textbook tone. I enjoyed his playing. They played a few originals and some tracks from various surfing documentaries, fairly easy-going mellow tunes.

Next up was Surf Kings from oceanside, the guitarist had a cool blue sparkle Strat into an old tank, into a 63 Blonde Showman, into a huge single 15" speaker cab with aluminum dust cap. Great tone. This band was the most "rockish" of the bands I saw today. The Sax player was having a hard time hearing himself due to a lack of a monitor, so he walked off stage. It sounded good though. I was sitting right in front.

Last up was Slacktone. They were the loudest band of the evening and sounded superb, I'm in total awe every time I see them, and i consider myself so lucky to live in Southern California where i can witness this group relatively often. Everyone knows these gentlemen are incredible musicians and people. I thought Dave's playing seemed extra special today, he played with more embellishments and special flourishes than i've witnessed before, tons of energy bordering on a hypnotic vibe. Nothing was ever rushed and they were intense and tight. They played their typical set and ended with Miserlou/Rumble. Side note- Dusty was nearly unrecognizable with long hair a big beard, pretty cool. After the show the band was quickly swarmed with appreciative fans, and i'm stoked i was able to chat briefly with Dave about his custom built guitars and thanked him for his help that he had given me when i recently built my own sparkle green jag. He went and grabbed his most recent guitar that he just finished putting together before the show (but forgot to play it!) it was a gorgeous burgundy sparkle Jag parts custom build, it looked spectacular in the sunlight at the beach. There were some folks asking him how he did the 12 string sound so he was so humble and gracious to show the eager bunch of fans how he does it.


Dave Wronski giving an impromptu lesson.

I hope this post helps people get a taste of the experience i had.

Last edited: Jul 19, 2021 01:21:55

Note, the sax for surf kings is only for a few songs, most of their originals don’t have sax in them.


Great day, I’m beat,
Thanks to all for coming and the bands for playing.


A couple people tagged me on pics n videos from yesterday if you want to see them go to my FB page


Last edited: Jul 19, 2021 10:50:30

The pics and videos are great! Thanks for sharing for those of us that can't be there.


Home of Surf & Twang













A better pic of Pollo Del Mar.


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