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does anyone out there own or use a Murph guitar? I know Deke D has one ...
I was riding my bike around a forgotten part of my neighborhood and looked in a pawnshop window ..despite the overwhelming scent of urine on the sidewalk I decided to look at the guitars hanging and spotted a very rare MURPH guitar hanging out with the usual suspects . They had an astronomical price tag attached and I laughed at the fantasy then thought I may go back with some cash and see if they take my offer . It was a white Squire II-T model I think ...
of course I really dont NEED any more guitars at the moment BUT ..its rare and kind of a very cool piece of SoCal guitar history

I've never heard of Murph guitars before. That website is a bit lacking, since many of the pages for different models were blank, but it looks like the guitars were pretty basic in the vein of Harmony and Kay guitars, and used a number of off the shelf parts. So they don't stand out as very special to me. Of course, trying one out could be a different story - it could play really well and sound awesome, in which case it might be worth buying. Or it could be unpleasant to play and sound anemic. Are there any Youtube demos? this guy makes it sound good .
I looked at it through the window again , its def an early squire II-T with a slider switch for the bridge pickup on/off .
and they have a fantasy price attached to it ...IDK , maybe it is worth that much but I doubt it seriously ..nobody is gonna step off the city bus in front of the shop and flop down that kind of cash . I would only offer maybe 1/4 of what the tag says so they may not want to sell ...on the other hand ,they dont have it listed on reverb or ebay either ..its just hanging and only a freak like me would want that thing .

The vibratos were obviously sourced from Germany as the only guitars with them are Framus Stratos from the same era.

The Exotic Guitar of Kahuna Kawentzmann

You can get the boy out of the Keynes era, but you can’t get the Keynes era out of the boy.

Here's one on reverb. A bit pricey.

You see what I mean about fantasy pricing . just because its rare doesnt mean it should be expensive , these werent exactly luxury grade instruments to begin with . They are rare because nobody really wanted to buy them and they went out of production .

That dude from Drowning in Guitars makes every guitar sound good! A skill level to aspire to.

I'd probably not hesitate to grab one of those guitars for $200, but to charge $500 or more is really pushing it. Like ArabSpringReverb noted, rare doesn't automatically equal expensive.

The April '21 issue of Vintage Guitar (w/ Eric Johnson on the cover) has an article on Murph guitars.

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