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So, here comes another Japanese surf rock classic from 1966. I believe the name of the song means "The Blue Stardust". 10 year old Mina and daddy are wrapping up with my little campaign with all the surf songs we have played before Mina turns 11. Aoi Hoshikuzu is relatively "new" to us, and Mina has been exploring with multi-tracks recording. I have been tied up and only did the rhythm guitar part, yet she did 4 guitar parts reading: 2 leads, with overdrive, and then 1 with heavy drip. Hope you like the outcome. Old dad can't see too well so I let my kid who doesn't need reading glasses to fiddle with the audio software and this and that.

In case you miss our Japanesse themed surf rock month in April, here comes a playlist Mina has prepare for you.

Cheers! ;-)))

Last edited: May 22, 2021 12:46:20

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