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I really like the fuzz sound of the song Drumetrics - Inceptive. They're a fun band actually - drum led, bit not quite surfy but kinda psychy.

To me it sounds like some sort of Maestro or Fuzzrite style but I have pretty bad ears at this sort of thing so was wondering if anyone can help suggest the type of pedal and a modern type to nab that sound please?

A link to the song would have been nice, because I couldn't find it only. But I found a live show of them on YouTube. I never heard of them, but this really blew my mind, what a great band! And no, not really surf related, but that doesn't bother me.

I searched some more songs of them online. What I could make out is that they have a Fuzzrite style of fuzz on the 'less' heavier sounds, but I think I saw a Fuzz War by Death by Audio in the live vid. And that box is one of the craziest fuzzes out their. Been saving up for one for years, but always as I'm close to getting the amount needed, I use it for another FX pedal or a camera lens Argh

Link (Aloha Sluts) (my photography)
Link (Aloha Fest presents...)

Yes it's hard to link their stuff, they basically have zero Youtube presence for some reason. The links I posted should get you to listen to the song, the Spotify+Shazam links have previews too and the link to their site has the players down the page. It's annoying there's no Youtube to link too thou.

And yeah they're a fun band, I really like them in general!

Where did you see the Fuzz War? I took at look at the vid you posted and couldn't see one there. The guitarist actually looks like he's just using a multi effects thing which is funny.

Sorry, i've been mistaken a 'box' that the keyboard player uses for a Fuzz War. The knobs look the same.

I finally got the one of the links working that you posted. It sounds indeed like some kind of Fuzzrite, but with a little more 'velcro' sound to it.

I'm a big Link Wray fan, so I'm looking forward for this:

Link (Aloha Sluts) (my photography)
Link (Aloha Fest presents...)


Interesting that you think it's a Fuzzrite with a little more to it. Any idea of a pedal that would give that, or perhaps it's a Fuzzrite with something stacked?

Speaking of, yeah I'm also interested in the EHX Ripped Speaker. I currently have a JHS Crayon which I really like, and does much of the same thing. The Crayon can go from Revolution to the Pushing Too Hard solo, which I really like, but actually is a little limited in it's range, i.e. it does what it does and sounds great, but not much more.

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