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Hello. My name is David. I am a huge music lover and of course caught the surf music bug roughly two decades ago. I am currently looking to start another dedicated Surf Music and "Instrumental Rock" 24 hr internet radio stream. I have listened to Phil Dirt and NSSR and miss having a devoted stream to surf music. I am aware of others Surf enthusiasts shows, but cannot catch them all the time due to work / school / life. I'm calling my stream Reverb Country Surf Radio. What I am offering is a decent collective knowledge of the different generations of Surf artists. And I am also going to appeal to audiophiles and play the best quality cuts I can get my hands on. I have a pretty large collection of old and new Surf tunes and most of what you'll be hearing has been purchased and curated by yours truly. Please help support my stream so I can put even more into it, I want to expand and play more artists (legitimately) and also produce more shows. Here is my beginners radio stream link...

and here is my Patreon...

I'm also a "surf" guitarist but have played with many other genres across the board. I am very interested in playing new surf music and would love to become an outlet for some of the different regional bands around the world. Hence... Reverb Country. Thanks y'all!

p.s. Sorry to be slow and "late", I live in Texas and we had the craziest snow storm I have ever witnessed. So we were without power for 48 hrs and have many resources unavailable to us, grocery, gas, etc.

Last edited: Feb 22, 2021 09:21:36

Good idea, Dave.
When I click on your radio stream link, I only get a blank page, but it's certainly possible that my computer is at fault.

If you have a PC have to open it up in Microsoft Edge, not Chrome.

Listening to it now!!!!!

Agent Trey "Shadowhawk" Montgomery - MI6 Cool

Agent Octopus on the Web!!!
Blue-Eyed Surf CD - BANDCAMP

Reverb Galaxy Website
Angle of Attack CD - BANDCAMP

Agent Octopus - ON YOUTUBE
Agent Octopus - ON APPLE MUSIC

It works in Opera.

Nice, I'll give it a shot on my PC at work!

It works in Firefox.

Works with Brave

All I wish I knew what they were talking about

Works on Chrome on Android.

Even works in the Netherlands, that has almost tropical temperatures of 20 degrees centigrade. Last week we had -15 and snow storms. Let's hope Ted Cruz doesn't know this Wink

Link (Aloha Sluts) (my photography)
Link (Aloha Fest presents...)

PM’d ya!

I see what was going wrong, and I'm listening with no problems.

Listening without a problem —

Cool, glad you guys are able to enjoy and it's working. Now I do just want to say this is the very beginning. I will now grow the stream. I have plenty of recordings to rip. So updates will continuously be coming. I also do plan to do shows, so don't hold your breath but it is in the future. Thanks.

p.s. even though this has been addressed it should work in any web browser I do have a direct link for various media players, VLC, Winamp, WMP, etc. But it seems to be unstable for now. Some minor details about the stream. Refresh it if you get "it's down error." Since I'm starting I do have a limit on listeners, 200. So will upgrade that when the time comes. And last but not least if it's really down, it might be to the occasional power / internet outages that we all go through time to time. It will be back up as soon as I notice and can fix it. I can't wait to share and add more!

p.p.s. From what I've tested it should work in all modern browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Duckduckgo (android), etc.

Last edited: Feb 23, 2021 09:15:30

Sounds good!

I've been listening for the last few days using Brave (goodbye, Firefox!) with no problems and really enjoying your content. Thanks for the great work, dude!

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