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raylinds wrote:

That is drop-dead gorgeous! I remember going to drag races as a kid and loving the cars with the metal flake pint jobs. I would love to get a sparkle finish on my Jag.

Thanks, raylinds! Sounds like great memories!

I think there's something magical about Metal Flake finishes, they dance, they're alive. My first memories of metal flake was in Ocean City MD, there was an amusement park ride at the boardwalk, and it had little cars that went around in a circle, there was a blue sparkle little Ford Mustang, i was hooked.

TheHappyHodad wrote:

What a gorgeous guitar you've built yourself! The few times i've seen Slacktone play I was mesmerized by Dave's playing and his custom jaguars.

Did you go with the 65 pure vintage pups over the 62 pups to keep on point with the 65 jaguar neck? Or do you prefer the output of the 65 pups overall?

Thanks, TheHappyHodad! I agree, Dave Wronski is an amazing player to see live, super nice guy too!

I went with the 65 pick-ups because i had previously put a set in my Squier Jaguar and I'm absolutely in love with'em, they have the sound I've always wanted, they just sound "right". I have an AVRI 62 Jaguar and prefer the 65s over the 62s, although i like the 62s. I was considering putting 65s in my AVRI Jaguar, but then i realized i should leave the 62 alone and just build a whole new guitar. I'd rather have all the options.

Last edited: Jan 23, 2021 14:41:46

OK, it's finally complete. It took forever for a new, better fitting pickguard to arrive.

First song i played on it was John Zorn's "Makahaa". I'm happy.


Off-set family pic.

Amazing collection!! Beautiful pic!! Shock
Nice job on the new Jag!!

Thanks, Ben! It's an addiction and labor of love.

Hot dog!

Daniel Deathtide

that pickguard fits beautifully. I'd love to get a parchment version based off yours. mine has the shrunken look.

and great family photo! what a collection

cosmonaut wrote:

that pickguard fits beautifully. I'd love to get a parchment version based off yours. mine has the shrunken look.

and great family photo! what a collection


And sure, I'll send you a tracing, my pleasure, just PM the address. It may not fit the same since the Guitar Mill body is a little different than the modern Jaguar shape, mostly in the lower bout, just a slight difference though. It certainly won't hurt to try it.

Looks awesome!

Sandbug, I don't know if I'm more jealous of your guitar collection or the fact that you've got that much clean floorspace to lay them out on.

Just echoing what everyone else said, great color, great execution, I love a Jaguar with a thicker neck. Play it in health!

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