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Hello, is there any backing track available on that song Banzai Pipeline, that with vocals, not the instrumental song Kuk which is often confused with.

I just learn to play Banzai Pipeline and also to sing the lyrics but I have no band that can back me up. But backing tracks are nice to play with.

There aren't any lyrics to Banzai Pipeline. Is that really the one you mean?

Kuk and Banzai Pipeline are swapped in their track listing on some Astronauts albums. Kuk is the vocal song that even contains the lyric " banzai pipeline, shooting the curl" or whatever it says, but Mancini wrote Banzai Pipeline and it indeed is an instrumental. This has been covered before here in this forum...and I was one that got this fact wrong, too, back when.

Lorne (Shake_n_Stomp)
Mai Tai Surf:

formerly of The Hang-Ten Hangmen:


Thanks for correcting me, this is very confusing. But this song is it that I mean.

Btw kuk is almost impossible to do a google search of, I live in sweden and google wants to display search results on my own native language. Swedish. And kuk i the Swedish translation of cock.

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