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Permalink Everybody Had an Ocean - anybody else read it?

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I'm currently reading 'Everybody Had an Ocean - Music and Mayhem in 1960s Los Angeles' by William McKeen.

Has anybody else read this? It's a rollicking read so far, just got to the bit about Dean Torrence's role in the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jnr...

I read it a while back. Fairly amusing and informative. Dean Torrence was one crazy dude, but Jan Berry was a lot crazier.

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synchro wrote:

I read it a while back. Fairly amusing and informative. Dean Torrence was one crazy dude, but Jan Berry was a lot crazier.

I didn't realise their whole career was stopped by Mr Sinatra and his Mob.

Great read, I recommend it for anyone interested in that era. There are a lot of references to surf music, and the artists that were involved in it. It certainly lifts the lid on what many perceive as an 'innocent' time.

I am just reading this book (have finished the first 5 chapters).
I like the quote of Brian Wilson (page 27):
"Music is God´s voice on Earth".
Surprisingly John Blair is only once mentioned for the liner notes of the Cowabunga Surf Box CDs and Stephen McParland isn´t mentioned at all.
Some minor mistakes are in the text, however Mr. McKeen mentions a surf song by The Squires from Winnipeg, Manitoba. (page 83):"´The Sultan`, a surf instrumental augmented with a gong. The lead guitarist was a fifteen-year-old protigy named Neil Young."

I bought a copy. I'm waiting on cold weather to read it. While I can be outside, I will. Smile

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