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Freevibration: yamaha SGV
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Permalink Surfy Industries - BLOSSOM POINT (Brownfacer effect)

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Hello everybody, we have an official announcement today: it's time to introduce the BLOSSOM POINT!

After the test phase of the "Brownfacer" sound enhancer, introduced at NAMM 2020 and become a top selling product of Surfy Industries, we have decided to go for this new name that better describes what this effect does. A very special name since we come from surf music and it's inspired by the true father of the genre.

The Blossom Point emulates the special "fat effect" that is obtained by pushing the tubes and the volume of a brownface Fender amp just before distortion. It finds that "sweet spot" (that Dick Dale was calling the "blossom point") of maximum tube compression that changes the entire sound - from its power to the sustain of the guitar and the reverb.

The concept of this enhancer is quite original since it does not have an on/off switch and actually it's more an amplifier extension than an effect pedal. But it really does the magic and it's incredibly efficient.

The ones of you who purchased the original BROWNFACER have in their hands a real collectible piece of equipment now Wink We are soooo proud of this product!

Check the page for further details.


Lorenzo "Surfer Joe" Valdambrini

Very cool. Question: Does the OnStage pedal
power bank power a metal surfybear?

Sonic_Blue wrote:

Very cool. Question: Does the OnStage pedal
power bank power a metal surfybear?

It will power all 3 models of SurfyBear. Yes.

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