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Permalink The Driptones cover “Pipeline”

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Hi guys, I am back at it again. This time, I did my take on "Pipeline." Like my first song, feedback is definitely welcome. It is still in the early stages, and am happy to make changes and tweaks.

So, I was going for a vintage sound. I ran it through a reel to reel tape player, added some saturation, and some record noise (all VST of course). I can go into further detail if anyone is interested.

If you listen with headphones on, you can really hear all the little nuances. Having said all that, I think I went overboard. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Constructive criticism is welcome.

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Last edited: Feb 18, 2020 22:23:17

Timing. You gotta tighten that waaaaay up. It almost sounds like two different songs playing.

Your sound is nice, though. All your instruments have a real authentic tone. The timing is really shooting the rest of it in the foot. Find your pocket and you'll have a nice little gem.

That's pretty cool, I like the 2nd guitar thing slapping in the background.

Where are you playing the solo on the B and G string or higher up on the D and G string?

You ought to try Guitar Boogie too, its almost the same song with variations on the same scale. (A lot faster though).

The volume is a little low, I could be deaf though. >>>> Cool <<<<

Last edited: Feb 13, 2020 15:38:37

Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I am struggling with the timing, as I have recording every instrument separately. It's like I am trying to put a puzzle together.

Sam, thanks man. Yes, the sound is too low. I will try to get the volume higher. As far as the solo, I will have to look at the notes when I have the guitar in front of me. I am terrible at naming notes and chords! Laughing

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Last edited: Feb 13, 2020 15:57:09

SixStringSurfer wrote:

I just played my version along side the Chantays version, and the timing seems to be very close.

Are you not able to hear the playback while you're recording?

Six string,
Haven't heard track yet, but if timing is an issue to suggestions:

1) Try using the backing tracks here at SG101, that way you are playing with a mix of the backing instruments and not competing with the original. There are 84 different tracks available.
Backing tracks are at the bottom of page click here

2) Create a way to put a click track in to help you keep time.

Good luck!

Agent Trey "Shadowhawk" Montgomery - MI6 Cool

Agent Octopus
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Took everyone's advice from this thread, and also from some musician friends of mine. I solo'd the drip with the kick and snare drum to get the timing right, and also completely re-recorded the lead as it was out of time.

It should be a lot tighter now. Please let me know if it sounds any better to you. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Last edited: Feb 18, 2020 22:28:07

Sounds much better Cool

Just a note:

The original Chantay's version has a guitar#1 playing along to the bass line fairly big in the mix with a muted palm technique on the pick hand. Guitar #2 has the lead played straight on a fairly clean sounding amp with a lower volume, but nobody plays it that way live that I've found so far tough. Its just one of those songs the sound good no matter what the arrangement.

I just saw a picture of the guitar used on the Pipeline single, it was a TV yellow Silver-tone type or style guitar with a black pickguard (looks like a Les Paul Junior) type body shape. I can't remember where just I saw it though. I didn't recognize the brand.

The guitars used in the original recording of Pipeline were a Barth and a Harmony. The photo and the additional info can be found in this thread:

BTW the recording sounds very nice and has a nice drip to it!

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Last edited: Feb 19, 2020 05:20:38

Six String, sounds like it's coming along. Keep working on your timing. If possible, get with some live players; that's what helped me tighten up and lock in my playing. Pipeline is deceptively more nuanced than most players realize that's why most of the cover versions I hear live fall short. They lose the feel and timing. Good effort and keep going forward!

Agent Trey "Shadowhawk" Montgomery - MI6 Cool

Agent Octopus
Agent Octopus-CD Baby
Blue-Eyed Surf CD on BandCamp
Reverb Galaxy at CD Baby

Thanks Sam, glad you think it sounds better! Simon, thanks for directing me to that thread, very informative... Art, each project I do, I get a little better. Appreciate the positive vibes!

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

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