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Permalink For Spaghetti Western fans - Red Dead Redemption 2's soundtrack

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My son and I got hooked to RDR2 when we got it for Christmas, and I recently picked up the soundtrack off Amazon. A lot of it is, well, wouldn't call it "minimalistic" but it's more atmospheric and orchestral. However, there's some really good SW style guitar on a few of the tracks, like "American Venom" or "Outlaws From the West".

This is a bit of a stretch, but speaking of soundtracks and atmospheric, check out this album I ordered from Sundazed just last night:

A slightly different flavor of "wild west."

Bill Elm and Woody Jackson from the band Friends of Dean Martinez did a lot of the soundtrack for RDR1. And I think some on RDR2?

Great soundtracks on both, but I think I preferred RDR1 a little better.

Check out Friends of Dean Martinez. They are GREAT!

Atomic Mosquitos
Bug music for bug people is here!
Killers from Space

Here's a great example of some of their work on RDR1.
So atmospheric and creepy!

Atomic Mosquitos
Bug music for bug people is here!
Killers from Space

I love Friends of Dean Martinez. First album speaks to me more than the others but they’re all great. One time I recognized their sound playing in a commercial or tv show, that’s when I discovered more albums after Shadow Of Your Smile. Great great band. I will check out this soundtrack for sure! (nothing official yet, just some badly mixed snippets from practice)

I absolutely love the Red Dead Redemption franchise. They are, without doubt, my favorite games of all time. And the instro soundtrack to RDR2 is freaking fantastic. My fave is Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern. That song is so great, I can listen to it on repeat. Check it out below.

I’m also a huge fan of Friend of Martinez. I have all their releases, and for me it’s must listen on any road trips.

thanks for starting this thread!

I never played Red Dead Redemption, but at the time when I was still playing video games, I enjoyed another game, that had a great Spaghetti Western soundtrack: Lucastarts' Outlaws!

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Last edited: Feb 14, 2020 15:30:36

Oh man, I was playing Outlaws last weekend and it quit working on me for some reason! But yeah, great game.

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