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I'm just wondering what the real benefit of these things is. How different do they sound from conventional cabs of similar size? Does anyone have back to back recordings or anything?

the words tone + ring describe the first benefit ... when using a 85W/100W at a certain volume along with a good speaker the cab design can't be beaten by any conventional cab

When you have to shoot ... shoot! Don't talk.
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They are very good at projecting a full sound to a big room. You don't need to turn up the bass control as much. Alone at home they sound great. Smaller rooms in band context they may become too bass heavy and clutter the mix. I haven't seen a single 15 at this size that's not a Tone-ring cab so can't compare. I do, however, have small single 15 cabs (about half sized), that sound punchier in smaller rooms in a full band context.
For places like the Alpine Village, I like to set each Showman with a Tone-ring 15 and a small single 15.
Hope this helps.

I used a 2x15 + 15” tone ring cabs for a while. The 2x15 is brilliant for incredible cleans (no reverb), and the tone ring gets the reverb at 10-10-10. The tone ring drips like crazy, I mean CRAZY. I get drips on non-muted notes n stuff. (V-pick helps that!) The 2x15 doesn’t drip nearly as well. My guess is the tone ring makes the difference? 8 ohms? I tried another 2x15 with well broken in speakers, and the drips are inferior.

Dan Izen (nothing official yet, just some badly mixed snippets from practice)

I just picked one up locally today and I can say it is a serious improvement over the modern 4x12 Fender cabinet I had under my Ampeg GVT15H.

I can't say how much is attributable to the magic ring and how much to the simple fact that it's a 15" speaker (it's not a JBL) but one thing is certain: it's a lot bassier and punchier! The 4x12 is just anemic and totally uninspiring by comparison.

4x12 is out, Tone Ring is in!

Maybe I'll do an experiment with the Tone Ring cabinet and do back to back recordings with it stock and with the baffles blocked on the inside.

I heard a cabinet builder say to pull any insulation you might find in there. In his opinion it deadened the cab. I pulled out the foam from the 2x15 and it does sound nicer, smoother, not brighter but more defined - but I could be imagining all that too! I have yet to pull the foam from the tone ring though so maybe it should stay there. I’m SO freaked out about touching and breathing that crap!

Thanks for the report! Isn’t it crazy how much definition a 15” can furnish? (nothing official yet, just some badly mixed snippets from practice)

DeathTide wrote:

I heard a cabinet builder say to pull any insulation you might find in there. In his opinion it deadened the cab.

Interesting, I've heard exactly the opposite (from a master builder). If the insulation is fiberglass type (thermal), the absorption effect won't deaden the sound, but expand it, esp. the bass response, because it is as if making the cab's inner space bigger, thus allowing the bigger waves to develop. Trust Fender on this.
When I built my cab at first it was w/o any insulation, then I added some poly foam that didn't do nothing, then a fiberglass equivalent (building grade) that did result in adding more punch.
Other types of insulation may not be preferable.

I’m SO freaked out about touching and breathing that crap!

Yes, be! Although replacing old, disintegrating crap with modern, new crap isn't a bad idea (face mask time), and it will do it's intended job even when still mostly packed with nylons - just a few long cuts will suffice, as the reflection of high frequency waves is negligible.

As for the drip question in your previous post, hard to say, you would need to compare the exact same speaker in the same cab w and w/o a Tone-Ring to really hear the difference. Otherwise, there could be many elements esp. the speaker itself that would affect the drip, which mostly resides in the mid-high, I would think. But the TR does allow more power the escape overall, which may add to the 'pumping', so... IDK.

The Tone-Ring is truly a genius design - basically a port like in bass, sub and venue cabinets (which allows the lower frequencies to escape instead of cancelling or causing phase distortion), but unlike other port designs - maintaining the exact direction of the speaker (caveat: bass frequencies aren't too directional to begin with...), perfect for guitar players.


Last edited: Sep 12, 2019 14:14:08

Well one thing is now clear: we've been mis-calling these things!

Henceforth we shall refer to them by their Fender ordained proper name: The Fender Speaker Projector Ring Cabinet. See how that just rolls off the tongue? (The SPRing Cabinet!)

I think I'm going to be donning my respirator and pulling the glass out of my cabinet to address that funky mold smell that often accompanies old "treasures" but I will plan on replacing it with new.

Here's another question for y'all: did Fender build the later ones with particle board fronts & backs? The back panel of mine is particle but the glass strips on it are way fresher than the stuff inside so I'm wondering if it might be a replacement panel. I'm not sure what the front panel is yet.

Last edited: Sep 12, 2019 14:30:47

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