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Freevibration: yamaha SGV
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Permalink 2019 Surf Guitar 101 Convention,Sat.August 3rd,Alpine Village,(flyer added)guitar raffle item From Mel!

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Here is the event page for the SG101 convention.
Please share this and let us know if you are attending.

Just Added, The Pyronauts from Nor. Cal.
Celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Insect Surfers,40th Anniversary celebration(Los Angeles,Ca.)
Boss Martians, and Evan Foster solo album (double set)(Seattle,Wa.)
The Surfrajettes(Canada)
Los Tiki Phantoms(Spain)
Los Freneticos(Argentina)
Jason Lee and the R.I.P.tides(San Diego,Ca.)
Thee Swank Bastards(Las Vegas,Nv.)
The New Waves(Las Vegas,Nv.)
The Delstroyers(Seattle,Wa.)
Tribute to Dick Dale

Once again at the Alpine Village in Torrance, Ca.
Saturday August 3rd, 2019, noon to midnite

Here is the Flyer for 2019 Surf Guitar 101 Convention
By Jonpaul Balak, please help spread the word by sharing it.
Thank you!



Last edited: Jul 15, 2019 12:56:00

Awesome!! Great line up Jeff!


The Seatopians 2017-
The Seatopians on Altered State of Reverb
The Seatopians on bandcamp
The Seatopians on Facebook

giant robot Richard 1999-2002
grR on Bandcamp
grR on Facebook


Another excellent line-up, and another Canadian band representing!


Home of Surf & Twang

Such a stacked lineup! Really excited to be a part of it!

Four String Fender for The Delstroyers


Danny Snyder

aka El Gringo Viejo of Combo Tezeta
aka Mycroft Eloi of The TomorrowMen
aka Shecky Shekels of Meshugga Beach Party

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times


Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Thanks guys


Looks like an outstanding collection of bands! Some I've seen before, and some I've been wanting to see. It'll be well worth the long drive! Will there be a Surf Dogs/pier show on Sunday?

Last edited: Jan 27, 2019 20:17:14

Thumbs Up

Another great line-up, Jeff! Thanks for all of the hard work, and the huge amount of time spent in putting this together. You rule!


There will be Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday of shows,
Maybe more. There will be a Sunday show at Surf Dogs in HB.
Details to come.


Congrats! Great lineup once again!

Fantastic Jeff! Another year, another amazing lineup Cheers

Bill S._______

HELLDIVER on Facebook

Very Nice!!! Big Grin

A lot to be excited about on there.

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

WOW! Shock

Well done, SIR!

bent playing for benter results
Do not attempt to adjust your TV set.


Argh Sigh - the feeling you get when you find there's a surf/instro band in your area that you missed all these years and didnt find out until you read about the SG101 show announcement

Who? Where?


Gotta dig a post like this!



Last edited: Jan 30, 2019 12:48:00

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