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rev: Surf music historians, I just posted in General Discussion about an old 50's song. Do you know it? https://yout...
164 days ago

Struan: One ton bee
157 days ago

Freevibration: yamaha SGV
120 days ago

Freevibration: yamaha SGV
120 days ago

CreepBeat: 2020 sucks
115 days ago

Bango_Rilla: Bango is going bananas in quarantine!
115 days ago

Bango_Rilla: Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
115 days ago

ChuckEMong: would a link to an r-rated video with a good tune be out of line here? Whatever
80 days ago

Emilien03: helloooooo! Big Grin
60 days ago

Clint: “Surf Music Videos” channel on YouTube. If you like, please subscribe. Thanks! https://www....
46 days ago

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Permalink List of Surf festivals at least 6 bands 2018

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Will try and remember to do that when I get home from Livorno, Jeff.

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Los Fantasticos on Facebook

The KFJC Battle of the Surfin’ Bands- usually 12 -16 groups. Probably happen in Cotober this year. This will be the 8th.

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Phayrentz in Pollo Del Mar

Last edited: Jun 21, 2018 03:15:28

Thanks Ferenc
Please do it October 13 or 14th
Mermen and Dick Dale are playing Santa Cruz Friday October 12th


Last edited: Jun 21, 2018 08:13:40

Can this thread get stickied? I love how you’re updating the first post.

Boss_Daddy_Meltdown wrote:

Holy Crap...I had NO IDEA there was a Surf Fest right here in Atlanta GA.

Thanks for the heads up.

Boss Daddy

You have a lot of people to come get to know.

The Mystery Men?
SSS Agent #31

djangodeadman wrote:

Worthing Surf Music Festival May 5th - UK


The Miramars - /

Thank you Martin


Thanks for doing this, it's awesome to see laid out. It's funny, my wife is in a band that plays balkan music, and I think our niche genres are similarly sized but we are SOOOOOO much more organized. Only like one US festival for Balkan music, seemingly zero websites or radio shows.

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Boss_Daddy_Meltdown wrote:

Holy Crap...I had NO IDEA there was a Surf Fest right here in Atlanta GA.

Thanks for the heads up.

Boss Daddy

Boss Daddy, looking forward to meeting you! Atlanta actually has quite the history with surf music and festivals. This is Southern Surf StompFest's FOURTH year. We also used to hold monthly shows (they're just sporadic now) where we've hosted over 50 surf and instrumental groups from around the country and even a Grammy winner (Mastodon's Brent Hinds) and nominee (Los Straitjackets' Eddie Angel). Before StompFest there was Douglasville Surf Fest (previously Clarkston Surf Fest), and surf-friendly Drive-Invasion (co-founded by Penetrators' Rip Thrillby) which even included a surf stage one year.

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Southern Surf Stomp!

Last edited: Jun 26, 2018 10:23:46 - MOTORBEACH 2018 - check out, maybe next year in 2019

Alright we dont have 6 bands this year..

But the lineup is a killer though. Wink


Last edited: Sep 30, 2018 15:08:36

Next year, you are still growing.


We had 7 bands the first year.. ;)

Started off good,





June 22nd 2019 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Surf X Surfwest (Seattle) - July 27th


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giant robot Richard 1999-2002
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Hukilau in Florida is happening now.

Surfer Joe Fest in Italy coming up in a few weeks.

Surf by Surf west in Seattle, 11 bands, sat July 27,

Surf Guitar 101 convention sat. August 3rd

Tiki Oasis the following weekend,

Asbury Park summer Holiday weekend after that.


Last edited: Jun 06, 2019 10:52:05

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