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Permalink Surfari USA Tour 1997 Tour blog by Rip Thrillby

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Ha! I love Rip’s summary of the Atlanta show.
Great photos, Ivan!
As ill-fated as it was, I have no regrets about participating. Meeting, hanging out and performing with fellow surf bands — Space Cossacks, Jon & the Nightriders, Penetrators, et al —was, as the ads say, priceless.

The Volcanos

This is a great thread. Who put the tour together? It seems like it was an amazing concept. Thanks for sharing all the memories.


Canadian Surf

I've often thought of doing something similar,
I wish the distance between Portland and San Francisco area wasn't so far.


Since I have been hanging out at home I was able to clear enough clutter to get to my computer. I know its been a long time, But here is the part of the Atomic Teenage Idols set and Surfari USA in Atlanta I=on 6-21-1997

I hope you enjoy joy!


Thank you, MidWestSurfGuy! Fantastic piece of history here!

The Atomic Teenage Idols open the show
Squid Vicious from Austin, TX @ 5:17
Los Perdidos from Columbia, SC @ 24:00
The Volcanos @ 51:05
and, my favorites, The Penetrators from Tuscaloosa, AL @ 1:31:45

My Classic Instrumental Surf Music Timeline
SSS Agent #777

Guy, that was good. Thank you for sharing.

Yep I messed up on that one and uploaded the wrong video. I was trying to separate the bands and mark the beginning of the songs. I'll keep working on that! anyway Enjoy!

Here is the Squid vicious set!

Ok heres the actual footage of the Atomic Teenage Idols

This is really a great thread, and now some more videos are trickling in (thanks Guy!). I wish Johnny Atom (page 1) and some other people would share any memories they have of this.

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Ok here is Jon & The Nightriders set from Surfari USA

Wow, that was an interesting exercise in time travel. I'm sure most of you recognize Jeff Utterback on drums (later of The Huntington Cads) in the J&TNs set. Not sure where Dusty was at that time (or Greg Eckler for that matter). I'd forgotten about several tunes like "Dance On," "Stringer," or "Moon Cricket" (mistakenly announced as "Charge of The Nightriders" by Dave in the video clip) that I hardly remember putting in our set at the time. Despite the fact that this tour was "ill fated," we all had a great time, made the best of the situation, and made memories that will last forever. And, I still have the t-shirt.

Last edited: Apr 17, 2020 20:27:13

Tonight we have the Volcanos!
I just fixed the two songs Rick mentioned in the Youtube comments.

Last edited: Apr 20, 2020 22:02:58

Whoo-hoo thanks Guy!

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Great photos Ivan!
hese remind me of the stuff that I used to seek on the internet pre surfguitar101. Remember that yahoo group?

When I was forming the Reluctant Aquanauts I took a lot of ideas from the late 90s surf movement. That time ranks up there in my mind with the original first wave of the 60s.

"as he stepped into the stealthy night air... little did he know the fire escape was not there"

I actually attended the Atlanta show. As a matter of fact, so did Woody J and Tone Boy, although at that point I had not met either of them. I sat front row seating, stage left. I thought the bands were awesome and kept thinking to myself......."I absolutely HAVE to do this!" And, "where the hell is everybody?"

Twenty three years later and we are all still making it happen. What a great family.

The promoter, who also booked "Dottie's" slipped out of town at some point after that and reportedly moved to the North West area.


Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

I just updated the link to the Volcanos with the song corrections Rick posted on Youtube. I wish I would have been there! I would have loved it! At least I got to see the videos!

Thank your very much for sharing the video of J&TN with us Midwestsurfguy!
I have a couple of concerts in Germany, Holland and Belgium by J & TN in my video collection. It is always great to feel the power that the group provided onstage. Try to find the cds or records by the group which would have been a legend if they would have already existed in the early sixties, IMHO.
(I am still healthy and well here in Germany though I belong to the group of older people. Hope the other members in SG 101 are also doing fine in these terrible days and weeks of the corona virus??!!!)

Last edited: Apr 22, 2020 02:07:26

Here is the Set from Los Perdidos

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