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Greetings fellow North Sea waterfolk! Please excuse the stoopid question, 'specially if it's been asked a few times already, but since this happens frequently I can't help but ask for your esteemed input.

Scenario: You're diddyboppin' along, groovin' on the cool swell of awesome surfonical joy that is NSSR. Suddenly, THAT gnarly new song that you just totally dig comes on, but you have no idea what it is, who the band is, how to hear it again. After it fades you've got a big-time ear-worm just totally chewing away on your brain cells, playing the tune over and over, and you GOTTA find that song so you can sleep at night!

BUT... it was a weekday and/or not one of those cool shows with a documented playlist and a hip DJ callin' out the tunes, so you have no idea where to look. What do you do?

I've searched playlists on the NSSR website as well as here on the SG101 forum and tried looking for familiar songs that were played in close proximity just to the song in question, so I can track forward or back for the unknown song, but have come up empty.

Have had success using Google's song search on my phone ("Hey Google what song is this?") although it was broken in an Android release for a while, but it's working again. Problem is, lots of times I am using that very phone to listen to NSSR so if I try to use this tool, it shuts any other audio app down so it can listen (that sure doesn't make sense when say it but there y'go).

Also thought about using my phone to record the audio so as to ID it later, but this doesn't work for the same reason - the recorder app shuts down the other audio app.

What other methods are there?

Maybe post a thread here about the song and phonetically type out the sound? Ex: it goes "Dow da da DOW da da DOW da DOW, (glissando) da dit dit diddle dit ba dat bow dow (sax solo)". Not sure how well that's gonna work.

Or record yourself humming a few bars and put it on Soundcloud, post a message here with link to the humming? So crazy it just might work...

Or...what might any of ya's suggest? (All groovy lingo aside, frankly I don't get why the streaming protocol being used doesn't allow for song title/band/other metadata to be embedded in the audio data for the player app to display but it is what it is)...

Thanks for any assistance or thoughts! Thumbs Up

Member in good standing, Mentone Beach Syncopation Reverberation Association

Last edited: Jan 22, 2018 13:03:44

"Shazam" is pretty brilliant


Great tip! This falls in the "try it and find out" category. So I did.

Shazam doesn't pause the player (TuneIn Radio in my case) from working like Google does. NICE!

Thanks a ton for your quick response and bearing with me!

Member in good standing, Mentone Beach Syncopation Reverberation Association

Last edited: Jan 22, 2018 13:37:55

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