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I'm a bass player with 10 years experience of playing, touring and recording. 7 years of Surf. I've played in at least 4 surf bands (with one of them on the organ). I have very nice instrument for that kind of music: Fender Jaguar Bass.

I would love to play some surf music in Kraków, Poland. Should it be pure surf, or let it some twist, rockabilly, funk or whatever with surf elements. I prefer to do it harder, faster and more minor, but there is not very much choice and I'm quite missing surf music to make conditions.

If there is hidden unknown band that is looking for a bass player, just PM me or reply in this thread. If there is some drummer or guitarist with the same wishes, let's coöperate.

Just an example what I was playing with the best my band:


Kraków, basista szuka zespółu. Chciałby zagrać jakiś surf-rock. Dziękuję.

Up! This time looking for a bassist and a drummer. Smile Same city.

Say, have you seen a jag with a 26.38” neck anywhere?

Listened to part of your old band (at work on crappy phone speaker) but WOW! This is awesome. Metal played in surf style is badass. Will be deep diving that band. Hope you find a new surf outfit! And, I am sad we aren’t in the same city / continent. I’d LOVE to jam, and I can do metal double bass drum stuff.

Daniel Deathtide

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