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Permalink Splitting to both amp channels, one dry , one wet

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shake_n_stomp wrote:

jimbones wrote:

Thanks all so much for your input! Seems like I have to pick up an active splitter with volume controls for both lines. SWEET!

Re: vol controls...doesn't your Twin already have independent vol controls?

It does, but what I understand is that there's a db cut from using both channels at the same time.

Things I learned while splitting to two channels with my 8ohm '65 Showman:

  • Not having the exact same tubes on both pre-amps can either help, or worsen the situation. None

  • A passive split doubles the output impedance going into each pre-amp, which leads to perceived volume and treble loss. Can also introduce noise.

  • GND lift muffles the trebles even further. Better not use it.

  • Phase invert is not needed in my case, but for other amps is a must.

  • If using other effects as pre- split buffer, again, impedance mis-match between the two outputs can lead to unexpected results. If any one of the pedals in the two chains (true bypass but even otherwise too) is being switched on and off, or being dialed, expect frequent delicate volume adjustments on the amp.
    There would be a fine threshold to both channels sounding full and good. The guitar own volume's response curve changes too.
    That's a difficult setup to maintain, especially if consistency is desired.

  • So, the safest bet and most practical way would be an active split box, or a stereo effect. I got great results with the BTMB Maggie stereo pedal.

  • If using one amp/speaker anyway when the intent is a wet/dry mix, the hassle's barely worth it, IMHO. Using a buffered blend type pedal containing the chain into one channel, can be much simpler to setup and will sound as good if not better. You can bring up the cleans just the way you like, and it will stay that at any volume.
    Tried it too... In the end I discovered that what I like most, is to just use the reverbs' own MIX pots. Big Razz

  • When splitting to stereo, i.e. 2 amps, have reverb on one and delay on the other. Glorious! Myself, I'm in heaven with 2 Surfy-Bears.

Last edited: Jul 16, 2017 09:14:01

Actually, reverb vs delay is a thing I've done a lot as well. Both of my Vapes are Reverby, of course - but the delay is at the end of my board, far beyond the tap for the 'clean' amp. So, I put the reverb on the clean amp, the delay on the dirty amp, and it sounds EPIC.

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