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Permalink The Lafirynda IV debut gig

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I made my debut in a surf band at my birthday party on Saturday night. I was bloody petrified before we started!! Next time should be less nerve wracking as I’ve jumped in the deep end now. We’ll also have another guitarist sharing lead duty as the person playing rhythm on the night was just filling in for the short set. The Surfy Bear reverb and Trem had a good workout, and received a few queries from potential customers.

The set list for those interested was mostly traditional;

Our Favourite Martian
The Model
In The Shadows
Wipe Out
The Cossack

There were a few mistakes from my nerves, but I managed to play through them. Surprisingly, “In The Shadows” went the smoothest as its more complex than the others.

And we all joined my other band The DB5s and Django Deadman’s “other” band The Sherbert Peardrop Explosion on stage at the end for a resounding “Batman”.

Translations of lafirynda

noun: floozy, wanton, hussy

Congrats Clarry, that's great!

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Congrats Clarry! Don't sweat the mistaks 99% of the people don't notice

Danny Snyder

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aka Shecky Shekels of Meshugga Beach Party

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It was indeed great. And the somewhat drunken rendition of Batman was huge fun. This was the first time I have ever played it. No rehearsal or anything, just a conversation about how it goes. Very simple, obviously.

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Good one Clarry Thumbs Up

Clarry wrote:

There were a few mistakes from my nerves, but I managed to play through them. Surprisingly, “In The Shadows” went the smoothest as its more complex than the others.

Congratulations on breaking the ice, that's really cool! Cheers
Really like that song, it's just a fun break along with the other contributions from Martin on that album. Well done!
Thumbs Up

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

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you have to jump in the water to surf ,in music the same
good bath !
,i don' t know if i have already tell but the first time we play with my new band ,there is lot of stressing things ,like have electricity only five minutes before beguin ,then less than 5 min of balance to set up all ,at first song it beguin to rain then the public be far to be not wet , gig outdoor moreover need lot of power ,and it is not like indoor cause the sound is more movind , as always it is when you gig that you have trouble with material (my tuner doesn't want to work this day)ect...
but it is fun to play before crews !
one thing i do now is to have jacks spares cause it always go wrong at the beguin and it a pressure that i want to avoid
and for the mistake of playing i think it is the live normal,it is not recorded album it is live ,for me if the 3 first song go well i beguin to be more cool and normally the gig will be cool also

Congrats on the gig,

In the future, play all originals,
Then mistakes are likely to not be noticed.


Last edited: Jul 18, 2017 09:13:57

bigtikidude wrote:

I'm the future, play all originals,


Thanks Jeff, you made my day. Laughing

Congrats on the first gigs Clarry and Ludo! Here's to many more Cheers

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Boy, I remember those first gig jitters. I got tunnel vision and my ears were ringing so loud I couldn't hear myself play! At one point I stepped on my cord and pulled it out of my bass. It was awful.
Good on you and I hope you'll record a performance someday so we can all see you!

Thanks for the comments.

The other guitarist in the band popped round yesterday to try out my new quilter 101. He blasted through Lullaby of the Leaves and Journey to the Stars. Brilliant. Had the amp on 2 Watts and he wanted to turn down because of the neighbours!

He then admitted he was bloody nervous playing in front of me...he's played in front of 5000+ with the band Therapy!

We've also changed the name of the band because being English gentlemen we decided it's a bit dishonourable calling ourselves the Polish word for slut/prostitute.

We're now....Gene Pool and the Shallow End.

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