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Number9 wrote:

...and just when you think you're done with double-picking, you realize some people use and master double-stop-double-picking, Duh !
.......Squad car...Taco Wagon... just saying...

It's the same concept! Double-stop double-picking is all about timing because you are going to be changing your fingerings while playing a steady onslaught of notes.

I can't disagree. Steady right hand picking ('long as you are right handed) is the key/most important element of the style compared to, say, blues music where the player generally focus on the left hand pulling, hammering, bending, tremoloing... with the rhythm.

I’ll add my voice to the chorus suggesting to start slowly. Shoot for evenness and watch your technique carefully. Whenever I can’t do something right my first step is to slow it down until it is right. Truly good players tend to have good technique and are consistent in their use thereof.

Double stops are a bit tougher, but I wouldn’t fear them. One of the best things I ever did for my technique was learning Honky Tonk. Play it slow and carefully.

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